By Maggie Van Ostrand

It’s impossible to believe the people of Texas will cast their vote for someone who so obviously lies to and patronizes them as does Hillary Clinton.

What’s up with accusing Obama of plagiarism, when that’s not his thing, it’s hers.

Who ripped off the “Change” slogan from Obama and thinks Texans will believe she thought of it?
Who ripped off “Yes we can” from Obama and thinks Texans will believe she thought of it?

Was Obama supposed to say, “I’m quoting my friend, Governor Deval Patrick, who quoted John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frank Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln …. ” Had he done that, there wouldn’t have been enough time for the quotations themselves.

Hillary Clinton, it has been written, keeps people around her who are loyal — spell that o-b-e-d-i-e-n-t. On the other hand, Obama keeps people around him who are smart.

And for Hillary Clinton to try to pass herself off as of “… by, for, and of the middle class” begs the question: Did she first notice her middle class status while she was borrowing $5 million from her personal wealth to lend herself?

And what about that sickening health plan she came up with when her husband was president? Is that the “experience” she claims to have? Can the people of Texas really want the government to garnish the wages of people who don’t want a health plan? Suppose they’re in the medical field themselves and don’t need a health plan? They’ll get one shoved down their throats anyway? Thanks Hillary. Barf.

I can’t believe the people of Texas believe that the garbage rolling out of Hillary’s face (one of them) is anything but political rhetoric with nothing to back it up except an ambition so consuming that I believe she’d stop at nothing to become president, including unjustly accusing an opponent of plagiarism because he didn’t say he was quoting somebody quoting other somebodies.

If we elect Hillary Clinton president, then we won’t have the president we need, we’ll have the president we deserve.


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