I think one of the reasons people tune out to politics is these horrible televison ads that the candidates are running. Ugh! If I hear Hillary tell me how she tries or that she cares one more time, I may pick up a shoe and throw it at my TV.

People are always talking about reforming our political system and looking for realistic ideas to making substantial changes. Well here’s the first thing that needs to change. Paid political advertising of any kind on television has to go.

Now I am not advocating abridging anyone’s freedom of speech. Candidates can and will appear on television in the way of debates, news programming and other venues.

I am only talking about paid political advertising of any kind on television only.

I would also like to point out that we have the same type of law regarding tobacco and hard alcohol advertising on television.

By taking this aspect away from the political circuit, would enable regular people to get involved and possibly run for office. As it stands, you have to be basically independently wealthy to run nowadays. No money translates into a losing proposition no matter what level of politics you participate in….federal, state, county, local, etc.

There are those who advocate that we open the airwaves free to all candidates. That is impractical though and unrealistic. If you provide free time to one candidate, then you must provide free air time to all the candidates. ALL CANDIDATES …. at all levels. There would be no time for regular commercials. OH MY GOD! (GGG)

Candidates still could buy advertising on all the other traditional media types as well. So their ability to get their message out is not impaired.

This can not be a govt of the people, by the people and for the people, if the people are excluded from participating due to wealth. Eliminate paid political advertising on television and the people can one again have access to their birthright.

Eliminate paid political advertising on television, and the voters would actually have to pay attention to what a candidate represents rather than being inspired to fear or hate because of some political propaganda by some group with their own agenda.

The airwaves should be of the people, by the peole and for the people. But just like justice, education, govt and much much more, our country is becoming one of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

There can not be free and democratic elections, when people are eliminated to access because of wealth. Get rid of this poisonous propaganda and regular people might actually be inspired to participate and we might have a democractic process once again.

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