People in Texas don’t want this stinking fence.

Border fence would slice through private land

Once again we have a fringe element in our country, whose policies have led to another stupid project which will end up stealing thousands of acres of private land, and spend untold amounts of taxpayer dollars that could go to much better uses.

Texans are not happy about this stupid proposal especially the ones whose land is being appropriated for something that will in the end be another useless and wasteful FUBAR. Read on………

“Their anger at being asked to sacrifice all that, Fred said, is that much greater because they believe the fence would deter neither terrorists nor illegal immigrants — who many here are convinced would simply tunnel under the fence, climb over it with ladders, or avoid it by heading for the sections of the border, including large stretches of South Texas, that will remain un-fenced.

“People in the rest of the U.S. just don’t understand the reality of what’s going on here,” he said.”

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