Well, everyone seems to be jumping on the Barak Bandwagon but me. I am OK with that, as I never cared to march to anyone’s drummer but my own. That way the consequences belong to me, the responsibility belongs to me, and eventually the credit will belong to me. No sharing!
I despise McCain. He is the Washington Long-term Insider personified, a sleeze, a backstabber, a two-faced triple tongued liar.

I am not in love with Senator Clinton, but I think she does flip-flop with a bit more grace than the rest. I trust her as much as I trust any politician–i.e. not at all. But her ideas are generally good, universal health care, a balanced budget, reduction of the deficit, and good lord knows where she stands on the Iraq Quagmire.

But I fear Obama. He is a product of the worst of the black culture of my hometown, Chicago. He is a student of Jesse Jackson, the world’s greatest exploiter of Whitey to noone’s benefit but his own. If elected, Obama will, I fear, be forced to load the administration with black hacks who have no qualifications for the job but their race. I love equality and hate discrimination, but I don’t want to hire someone because they are Jewish, or because they are Catholic, or because they are negro. I want qualified people in the positions, not political toadys who got the job because of being a particular race. I fear that Obama will be forced, or will want, to put people in jobs where they are worthless.

And I want to know why nobody but me mentions the invisibility of Jackson and Sharpton. Where are these Rainbow Coalition leaders, the dynamic forces behind the black power group in America? Where are they hiding? Why doesn’t anyone else ask this?

I would like a man like Richard M. Daley in the presidency. A politician by birth and education, a man who may or may not have taken graft but ALWAYS leaves enough in the till to pay the bills for growing the city and making it prosper. A man with a plan, a dream, an ideal all rolled into one. You cannot realize dreams or follow ideals without a plan. I see none from McCain or Obama, and few specifics from Senator Clinton. I want concrete details and I want to know how these people are going to accomplish their promises. I want the war to end now, and the troops be taken out of Iraq now.

I remember the chaos in Vietnam when America left. I know that many South Vietnamese were imprisoned and a number of them died. But sitting here at a nice computer in a lovely hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon, I know that the nation (Iraq) will eventually sort out it’s problems and make itself whole. It may not be a bastion of Democracy, but it will have votes, a somewhat representative form of government. Hell, if we really wanted to bring Democracy to the Middle East, we should have invaded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the other kingdoms, emirdoms, and condoms isolating the rulers from the people and preventing Democracy at any cost. We are such hypocrites.

I long for the nobility of Roosevelt, the pragmaticism of Truman, and the dynamicism of Kennedy. There is no politician other than Biden who exhibits one iota of these qualities, and I weep for my country and its unwillingness to seek sensibly and thoroughly for such a person. I do not despair, but maintain hope that someday we can restore our land to the leadership role we once held before the cabal of Bush/Cheney destroyed our image in the world.

Like the sign at the end of the movie, “On the Beach” read:
“There is still time brother!”

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