Ace college debater Hillary Rodham may have destroyed her less intellectually agile opposition, but now she faces an intellectual equal who also happens to exude the kind of political charisma that won her husband two terms as president. To negate his words she says they are cheap… which is another way of calling him a liar.

The message that the Hillary camp is trying to convey is that despite the inspiring words of Barak Obama that seem to be fostering a revitalized hope that change in Washington can really occur under his leadership, his words are just talk and her words are action.


Or something like that.


Senator Clinton doesn’t always spell out exactly what her applause line means.


Here are some of Hillary’s "Obama’s words are cheap lines":


(Obama delivers) “speeches versus solutions” and of “talk versus action.”
Obama’s campaign and was more rhetoric than reality. In contrast, she said, she measures her life “not by applause or headlines, but by whether I’m helping people.”
“There’s a big difference between us—speeches versus solutions. Talk versus action,” she said. “You know, some people may think words are change. But you and I know better. Words are cheap.”
Baltimore Sun

Here’s more:

"Some people may think words are change, but you and I know better," she said. "Words are cheap. I know it takes work. You can’t just talk about the special interests. You have to take them on."
…Clinton held up a pair a boxing gloves given to her by a local fighter and suggested she would battle harder for the working class than Obama.
"That’s how I measure my life, not by applause or headlines, but whether I’m helping people," she said.
The Pittsburgh Channel

…and more:

Hillary Clinton says she’s got a record on the economy and slammed Barack Obama.
"Some people may think words are change but you and I know better. Words are cheap," she said.
WRCBTV Chattanooga

Of course all politicians use words and if we want to pursue the price analogy, their worth can only be judged in retrospect when we see whether what they were offering for sale proved to be what was advertised.

If Hillary Clinton and her advisers think that criticizing Obama by saying his words are cheap when they are inspiring so many people, I think she is going to alienate many of her supporters because this is just plain name calling. In other words, she’s making cheap shots unworthy of someone who wants to replace a president who was totally lacking in class.

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