Boys and Girls, Moms and Dads, and Children of All Ages, it’s time for the Grand Prize Game! Please choose which group best represents you:

Choice A:
We represent the Lullaby League
The Lullaby League, the Lullaby League
And in the name of the Lullaby League
We wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land

Choice B:
We represent the Lollipop Guild
The Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild
And in the name of the Lollipop Guild
We wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land

When George W. Bush became president, either by his orders, Darth Cheney’s (the man who put “vice” in Vice President) or several of their most reprehensible aides and co-conspirators, someone approved an illegal, warrantless, unsupervised, and totally uncontrolled and unfettered DOMESTIC SPYING PROGRAM by the National Security Administration targeting you and me.

Just so you fully understand what was happening when Bush took office, I’ll put it in simpler terms:


and no, you have not been paranoid. Or at least not paranoid enough.

Considering that this illegal surveillance pre-dated 9/11, we now know just how well unfettered, illegal, unsupervised, warrantless, domestic spying worked. It was an incredible suckcess! Imagine how much faster the World Trade Center would have collapsed if Big Brother was not spying on you and me before the attack.

To make matters worse, Bush lied to us in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and most recently, 2007 and 2008, and denied that any illegal, warrantless spying ever took place. More recently, Bush has added truly farcical threats to Americans, claiming that unless we give the telecom companies (that repeatedly broke US law and constitutional protections) total immunity for past illegal actions, (at his request), the world as we know it will come to an end, because “they are plotting to attack us right now.”

In another logical disconnect, Bush (who never bothered to ask for warrants from an already pliable FISA court), claims that demanding that companies (and the government) comply with existing law now will harm you and me.

All of Bush’s illegal actions and lies are now beside the point. Either Nancy Pelosi is mentally incompetent and incapable of fulfilling her constitutional duties, or that domestic spying has gathered some great blackmail on her. Either way, impeachment is off the table. It is the rest of the Congress that is today’s sore spot.

At some point tragedy becomes farce. The continuing destruction of our constitution is clearly on that path. Perhaps, we have gone way past that point.

No other image could capture just how inane and insane our Congresscritters have become than watching the GOP Munchkins march lockstep out of Congress, then hold an edited, scripted, and choreographed dog and pony show for the media. Frankly, it reminded one more of the Animal House rush to destroy the parade than an honorable action by the elected protectors of our constitution.

They must have really meant it, because they managed to sneak back for a vote honoring African American heroes.

I have toyed with the idea of buying 400 or so copies of the US Constitution, in easy to read large print, and send it to each of the GOP Munchkins, as well as a good percentage of the more dense Democratic members. Nancy Pelosi probably tops that list.

Then I realized that it is not so much that they don’t just fail to read any legislation they vote on (under White House orders). Rather, it is much more likely that they simply do not know how to read.

I was about to spew and rant, rage and pant, about that image our congresscritters gave us yesterday. Let’s see, what problems do we face?. A recession. Mortgage Meltdown. FISA, Patriot Act, Domestic Spying, the collapse of the US military, the IraqNam Quagmire, the Iranian problem, Haliburton, Enron, the DOJ refusing to even investigate fraud by any company doing business in Iraq, the anti-science policies, and what does our congress do? They hold hearings on the use of steroids in kid’s game!

Then I glanced over here again, re-read Doug’s perfect quote, and realized how true it is. Our life, liberty and property is NOT SAFE, so long as Congress is in session.

The GOP munchkins proved that statement yet again. It is only fitting that we finish with more words of wisdom from Oz:

(Munchkin 1)
And we will stigmatize your name,
You will be a bust…

(Munchkin 2)
Be a bust…

(Munchkin 3)
Be a bust…

In the hall of shame

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