Now that John McCain is the presumptive GOP nominee, it will be interesting to see what he does in the Senate this year.

Will he continue to rubber stamp Bush’s failed policies? If he does, I don’t see how he can defend it and win in November especially since Bush’s ratings are now below 30%.

Or will he now work with Dems in a bi-partisan leadership role to get things done and even override GW where applicable? This is the only chance he has to get elected especially if the Dem nominee is Obama.

The Senate will be interesting forum to watch this year since both candidates will be from the Senate for the first time in a very long time. (Anyone out there got a date?)

Every vote they make or don’t make can and will be used against them in the coming election. So what do you predict will be this years most pressing legislation in the Senate?

I’m guessing immigration. It is one area where GW, McCain and the Dems seem to agree. They will all want the hispanic vote in November.

Also, I think the budget will be an important issue in the Senate especially since GW is going to ask for an additional 70 Billion for Iraq and Afghanistan.

I might be a great project to start a spreadsheet on how they actually vote in the Senate this year. Perhaps then we can keep the focus on the truth and not on the hateful propaganda.

Here is a good first example; Senate votes waterboarding ban.
“The Democratic-led Senate voted 51-45 in favor of a bill calling for the Central Intelligence Agency to adopt the US Army Field Manual, which forbids waterboarding and other types of coercive interrogation methods.”

Anyone know how McCain voted? And how can he lead the country to reconciliation when he can’t even lead his own party to ban torture?