By Maggie Van Ostrand

Turn your car into a political statement by attaching a Hillary Clinton bobble head doll to your dashboard. Why does Hillary Clinton do all that head bobbling? What’s that about anyway? She nods 90 per cent of the time whether she’s talking or, on rare occasion, listening. Even the Comedy Channel noticed.

Stephen Colbert humorously called attention to Hillary’s pointing and clapping, pointing and clapping, pointing and clapping, but those calculated-to-be-crowd-pleasing movements don’t irritate as much as her bobbling head.

She bobbled the entire time when she pulled that line in Texas about “There’s an old saying in Texas… ” Only Hillary Clinton would have the gall to tell Texans about an old Texas saying, when she was born in Illinois, began her uphill clawing in Arkansas, screwed up a health proposal in Washington DC, and took lessons to get an acceptable accent to help her become senator of Noo Yawk. The only places that get equal bobble time are Baptist services and meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Does she really believe bobbling and telling Texans their own sayings will help usurp Barack Obama from his current lead in the race for the Democratic nomination?

Last time I heard such blatant groveling for votes was when Yale graduate John Kerry, stumping in Idaho, was audio taped in a tackle shop saying, “I’ll have me some of them worms.” Senator, do you think people in Idaho are dumb and believe you really talk like that? Hillary, do you think people in Texas are dumb and believe you know about Texas sayings?

Hillary could make a fortune by quitting politics and renting her head out to car owners all across the country.


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