So while this circus of political clowns is busy entertaining the nation, Who’s looking out for the Nation’s business?

Rather like hoards of colorfully dressed jesters of old, they parade before us. We watch, laugh, and cry at their antics…But what, if anything is going on in this country?

The media has moved the tragedies of Afghanistan, and Iraq where our citizens continue to die in Bush’s illegal and immoral war, to the side bars at best, at worst to the back pages.

As well, and admittedly it sounds rather paranoid, but who’s keeping an eye on that pair of turds in the oval office? It’s been said before, and in enough ways that I don’t need to ask the question…but I’ll ask anyway.

What are the two worst criminals (so far) to have occupied the positions of President and V.P. of this country doing in the last stretch of their parade of illegalities?

Does anyone care that the most secretive pair ever to occupy the highest office in the land, are being handed a 24ct gold opportunity to do whatever the hell they want without even so much as the smallest of notice by a jaded press?

Yes, we have to elect a new President et al. But let’s not forget the rest of the Nation’s business in the rush here people.

Watching the peacocks strut and “grace us” with their displays of pretty plumage doesn’t get our military home, fix our out of control budget, secure our borders, or feed the hungry. To say nothing of actually running the country as the Constitutional Republic that it was designed to be.

While the press and we the entertained, watch the verbal gladiators whack away at each other, there are other candidates that are very worthy, yet go ignored, as well as a myriad of other things in life too precious to miss.

Some of them simple things too, like the sound of rain on my roof this morning. The fact that I HAVE a roof, when so many don’t…real things, real issues.

We as a nation are at a distinct cross roads here, whoever becomes the next leader of this country will be setting precedents of such historic and social levels that they may never be matched again. BUT, we still need to look after the day to day as well…so that’s what I’m going to do right now.

Enjoy your day everyone.

M. Terry

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