Hillary Rodham Clinton walked on stage in Texas Tuesday night and delivered yet another overlong, overwrought stump speech, ignoring the butt-kicking she received yet again in primaries back East.

This time she couldn’t claim these were meaningless caucuses which her husband lost in 1992. These were the Potomac primaries: Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia – the National Capital Region where she and her husband lived as squatters for eight years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hillary has run out of excuses for losing and some wonder if she is running out of time as well. Her campaign manager is gone, replaced by a longtime aide with questionable political experience. The deputy campaign manager is out too. In true Clinton style, she is scapegoating others for her failures.

A shrill Hill strutted on stage Tuesday night, feigning confidence in the face of humiliating defeat. Barack Obama didn’t just win the three primaries: He kicked butt, tallying over 60 percent and capturing enough delegates to overcome Clinton’s onetime lead — even when unelected super delegates are included.

This doesn’t mean Hillary is finished. The political landscape is littered with the corpses of those who wrote the Clintons off too early. The race for the Democratic nomination is far from over and Hillary, like any cornered animal, has her claws out.

But voters have a choice and they aren’t ready to hand Washington back over to the Clintons. Her husband’s despicable performance as the campaign bad cop backfired and reminded voters that any deal with the Clintons is a two-for-one package and that price may be too high.

Hillary’s laughable claims that she has the experience for the job have fallen flat with voters, along with her shrill attempts to act feminine one second and emasculating the next fall on deaf ears.

Hillary Clinton, like her former President husband, is the past and voters have had enough of the past. The thousands upon thousands of first-time voters who have joined the cause for the future are more willing to take a chance on an unknown.

Barack Obama brings an excitement sorely needed to our political system, a surge of hope that status quo stalwarts like Hillary Clinton and John McCain can promise but never deliver.

The past is prologue and the future lies ahead. This nation’s future is best served if neither Hillary Clinton nor her husband is part of it.


  1. What I saw the other day was Obama tossing a sleazy cheap shot at Hillary, and Hillary – unwisely – tossing one back. Thus proving once again what I’ve always thought: neither Clinton is nearly as slick as their slicker-than-teflon detractors would have us believe. The result was predictable: endless punditry on Hillary’s sleaziness and none at all on Obama’s.

    I don’t know if Hillary is a saint or an agent of Satan; I doubt there are a dozen people on the planet who really do. But, after twenty years of relentless slime from the Republican fear and smear machine, most people think they know, and have a huge grab-bag of “factoids” to prove their point.

    I don’t know about Obama either except for one clear certainty: he’s a hell of lot slicker than either of the Clintons. And he needs to be because, if he’s the nominee, the smear machine is going to be aimed at him.

  2. Flapsaddle. I spent my first 60 years involved in Republican Politics in California. My old group backed Giuliani for one reason: He refused to back an Amendment to the Constitution against abortions, gay marriages and death with dignity. Even when I moved to Arizona and the headquarters of the organization moved to New York, we realized that Rudy would be the only candidate working for our freedoms and choices.

    We sent tons of money for his campaign but something kept him from joining in the free-for-all of the campaigns. I think the White House had something on him and he pulled back. My group, which is now enormous has not endorsed anyone. The pressure from the voters to demand a police state is so offensive to us old gals that many will not vote. None of us trust the Democrats as they are nearly as rotten as the Republicans.

    We talk endlessly about what we want in the future: A police state or socialism? I believe Socialism will be an easier target to work on. A Federal Police state wouldn’t give any of us a chance for freedoms.

  3. “Deos anyone have a really good handle on her supprtoers and their machines in Texas and Ohio?”

    I can only speak for Texas, but I saw her at a rally they televised earlier and she seemed almost desperate.

    Unfortunately she has no machine to speak of here. The Clintons have not spent much time in Texas, EVER. Maybe that’s due to the Bush’s. The only time they come to town is with their hand’s out for money. BIG MONEY!

    Edwards had the best machine, but I believe Obama has good supporters especially on the University campuses. This is an important factor to watch. Unfortunately our primary is at the start of Spring Break for some so not sure how what kind of effect that will have.

    Obama is running the best commercial in Texas.

    We no longer have any prominent Democratic leaders here in Texas to throw support to either candidate anyways. However, I would like to note that Hillary’s most notorious supporters here in TX are Karl Rove, GW Bush and some other prominent Bushies.

  4. I just came home on a lunch break but spent several hours talking to a couple of Republican Sisters from Ohio. Neither one likes McCain and they despise Hillary. I tried to pin them down as to whether they would vote for Obama. They made it clear they would never vote for a black candidate. That puzzles me but I cannot argue with them. No one admitted to be from Texas and hope the color problem is not as prevalent as it once was.

  5. —Never, Never, Never——

    Never count out a Clinton, especialy when cornered and fighting for their very survival. As much as it’s great sport to read all the pro-Obama anti-Clinton posts, the Clintons are like caged cats with many lives. They will stop at nothing.

    We saw that first hand here in New Hampshire where we fully expected Obama to win. We overlooked Shaheen democratic machines in four cities which went overwhelmingly for Clinton. If she can make it to Pennsylvania there will be a large turnout by the well oiled machines that control Philadelphia, Pittaburgh, and other blue collarr union cities. This campaign will be orchestrated by one of the best old style politicians in the country – Governor Ed Rendell. Pennsylvania is Hillary land.

    Deos anyone have a really good handle on her supprtoers and their machines in Texas and Ohio? As much as the idea of her winning is regugnant, she has won all the major states and she should not be counted out.

  6. “The thousands upon thousands of first-time voters who have joined the cause for the future are more willing to take a chance on an unknown.

    Barack Obama brings an excitement sorely needed to our political system, … ”

    How could Obama possibly do any worse than 8 years of GHW Bush(Reagan’s brain), 4 years of GHW Bush, 8 years of the Clintons, 8 years of GW Bush, and possibly 4 to 8 more years of the Clintons? 28 years and possibly 32 to 36 years of Bushes and Clintons? And there is now the possiblility of 4 to 8 years of John McCain / Jeb Bush followed by 4 to 8 years of Jeb Bush / Whomever.

    What the HELL are we Americans smoking anyway?

    Why don’t we just declare a Bush/Clinton dictatorship and have it done with?

    — Kent Shaw

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