How many Red States can you win?

    My primary concern in the 2008 is that we don’t get another GOP supporter of GW’s failed policies in the WH.

    That means the Democratic nominee (whoever that may be)has to win some RED states. I mean after all, there’s very little chance of the Blue States turning Red at this point in the race.

    So from my perspective, who has the best chance to win red states? I still do not see which pivotal RED states either candidate is going take away from the GOP, but I’m open to persuasion at this point.

    The best indicators of this perhaps are the primary results.

    So looking at these results, it looks like Obama is winning the Red State Count.

    Obama: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas,Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah,
    Clinton: Arizona, Arkansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tenessee.

    Please note: I have intentionally left out any state that I wasn’t sure was red or any state that could go either way(well call them purple for now).

    I also have to note that Arkansas is almost a given considering she was the first lady there for how many years?