1. I think the hospitals will have to come up with a system of determining the costs of admitting, processing and assigning the payments on anyone who is admitted within the hospital. I doubt any single hospital has bothered to consider this. If this cost is to be covered by the federal government, it will be the feds who set the admittance requirements Wealthy Americans can pay for their medical costs. I had no insurance but had paid off my home and used the equity to pay for 2 extensive surgeries. I negotiated with the hospital when I had another tumor return and another surgery needed., The second time, I demanded that everything not needed was to be removed. I tried to live through that second tumor but fainted at my day job. I called my attorney and threatened a law suit unless they followed my instructions to remove everything. They did and I sent through a painful change of life that my body didn’t want but I won the fight.

    I sold everything I owned and barely could keep the house we lived in. My bank knew I was good for any costs and the bank gave me an open account to be used. My mother came through and helped out with my daughter’s tuition. An old family friend had a garage sell that benefited another tuition. This was years ago when most people were working for a decent wage. Today, this would be impossible.

    Paul Ryan wants to avoid health care costs and would issue yearly checks to the American people to cover their medical costs. This is ridiculous when so many Americans are not prepared to handle money on their own.

    Are we willing to live on the federal handouts? I’m not! The Federal Government will fight tooth and nail to keep us from suicide. It is the easiest way out and many of my age group will find a way out. Assisted suicide is being passed by the states across America knowing it is the best way to allow us to go with dignity. This will be challenged by the Supreme Court and they will deny any wills where the terminally ill person has left any estate.

    We are screwed folks. The Federal Government has us all chained to their every demand. We should never have voted for any party that included such laws against our freedoms. Both sides of the aisle have us chained to their every whim.

    But every time we tried to come up with a fix for our problems. the subject was changed for some stupid reason.

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