As promised, I voted early and often. The early part was easy. the polls opened at 6am, and I wasn’t much later. Still in that 45 minutes or so, 39+ people went ahead of me. And lines were forming outside.

There are a few contested seats, namely some US congress seats that are empty because the GOPers who held them earlier tucked tail, turned yellow, and ran like rabid dogs from an angry voting mob. I suspect the GOP will keep at least two of those seats, but Weller’s and Hastert’s absence would be an improvement for any body politic.

Dick Durbin is running unopposed (for all intents and purposes) and most eyes are on Mark Lipinski’s seat, after of course, the big one.

Barack, a home town boy, is expected to maintain at least a 20% lead over Hillary.

Anyone with a horror or hooray story, feel free to jump on it. The water’s wet.

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