As sad as it may seem, rather than an abject failure, I’m now beginning to believe that Bush and his cabal’s plans in the Middle East have actually been a resounding success from their point of view.

For their apparent collective “stupidity” has resulted in continued turmoil in the Middle East, which, in turn, allows the Government of Israel to continue its decades of racism, apartheid and hegemony in the region. What’s more, Mr. Bush’s, continued failure to “win the peace” in Iraq and Afghanistan has virtually guaranteed that our troops will now be there for decades.

All of which is EXACTLY what the Government of Israel wants.

For decades, the Government of Israel has had both our Presidents AND our members of the US Congress by the short hairs. Organizations like AIPAC (backed up by the ruthless scare tactics of the Israeli Mossad operating within our borders) have made absolutely sure of that.

This, in turn, means that NONE of what the US is now fighting for in Iraq or Afghanistan has anything to do with finding weapons of mass destruction, bringing “democracy” to nations whose people haven’t a clue as to what that word means, protecting our own “national security”, or even lowering the price of oil (or controlling its flow).

Rather, I firmly believe our continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan has everything to do with keeping the developing Moslem world in the Middle East a constant state of turmoil so as to underwrite and enable the Government of Israel’s obsessive need to expand both its borders and its influence in the region. The Government of Israel’s shameful performance in southern Lebanon in 2006 and it’s ongoing blockade of the Gaza strip…all the while dropping cluster bombs and anti-personnel munitions on civilian targets…should leave absolutely NO doubt in anyone’s mind as to exactly what the Israeli Government’s real intentions are.

In that sense, this is a regional holy war with governments comprised of Christians and Jews (along with their willing allies) seeking nothing short of a complete “ethnic cleansing” of the developing Moslem world around Israel. And, as Mr. Bush is, himself, a fundamentalist Christian, this turns his illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan into endless “holy crusades”.

This, my friends, is the REAL reason why our troops are now fighting (and dying) in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and why they will continue to do so for many, many decades to come.

What’s more, these ongoing “holy wars” also guarantee that billions and billions of your and my tax dollars will continue flowing into the coffers of the hopelessly corrupt US defense contractors along with their various lobbyists and “think tanks” (not to mention keeping all those campaign contributions flowing into Presidential and Congressional campaign coffers from the now-fully-employed defense constituencies “back home”!).

It’s a win-win for everyone.

That is, of course, except for the beleaguered US taxpayer and our brave (mostly young) soldiers who are giving their very lives to underwrite such blatant apartheid, shameful collusion and systemic government corruption.

Regardless of who actually caused it, Mr. Bush and the neocons nonetheless used 9/11 as a pretense to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. And mark my words, sometime before the next Presidential election; another manufactured “retaliation” by the Government of Israel against Hezbollah (or some other manufactured terrorist “attack” somewhere else in the world) will be used as Mr. Bush’s pretense to then invade the next country on the neocon “hit list”…Iran.

Clearly, the turmoil we’ve caused in Iraq and Afghanistan is actually working out far better than even the neocons had hoped. It’s providing even more cannon fodder than they’d ever dreamed they’d have to justify their chicanery to a largely ignorant (and therefore easily panicked) American public. This, in turn, insures the President and his willing stooges in the US Congress will continue underwriting their overall master plan for the USA to eventually rule both the Christian AND the Moslem worlds as the 21st Century’s global, imperial super-power.

Sadly, the era of true peace on Earth will not come as long as a tremendous percentage of your and my taxes continually go to educate men and women in the trades of slaughter to further so-called “holy wars” of religion-based “ethnic cleansing”.

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