I will attempt to keep this one polite. Admittedly, it IS a hard thing to do when somebody threatens my rather humble living with more legalized theft of the fruits of my labor.

This year I became self employed. It was a simple straight forward decision based on my inability to find a niche that I could stomach in corporate America’s race for the buck above all else.

In the last decade or so, I HAVE been quite successful in my dealings with corporate America…more than I had any expectation of ever being as a matter of fact…

As I said, a personal decision based on the deep seated need to live a more sedate pace of life, and see if I can make a go of it making my own way.

This is not without it’s perils, as any of you out there reading this either know first hand, or at least have an idea of what I’m talking about.

The 40 hour, 5 day a week concept was the first thing to go. Several other things such as health insurance and discretionary income will for the immediate future also be missing from the “game plan” for at least a year…minimum.

Now we have that “daughter of privilege” (told you, I WILL TRY to keep it polite…)stating publicly that she’ll simply confiscate (read as steal) even MORE of the money that I break my butt to earn?

Who the hell does she think she IS? This needs to stop!! I am getting the impression this woman thinks that we live to serve her, and that somehow “the government” owns our wages?

I understand that she’s an educated woman. Very well educated. So how thew hell does somebody with this much education not realize that there IS NO such thing as “government money”, or for that mater “Government” as a separate entity under the Constitution of this country?

Plainly, she missed the civics course where it was explained that the People are the source of power under the Constitution, and that they work FOR US. Further, the monetary system is a sham. The only “Government money” is that which is taxed from the tax paying populace…once again, the People, ARE the power. NOT the other way around…

She needs to sue the school(s) that she went to, for not giving her the education that she paid for. They all do.

Universal health care in this country is every bit as much a blessing as it is a curse for those of us already taxed beyond all good reason.

Personally, at nearly 49 years old, I count my blessings on being as healthy as I am. Actually for my age group, I’d put my health in the top tier, even well above that of friends and family that are in some cases are 20 plus years younger than I am.

So it leads me to the question, if we already have state (taxation driven) health care schemes, why do we need a Federal duplication of this? The same question holds true for the opposite. If we’re going to have a Federal (taxation driven)why do we need to have a state version?

My question to anyone out there reading this is as follows:

Based on the wording of the tenth amendment to the Constitution:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.”

Seemingly making the issue of decision making in the name of the People pretty clear as to who does what. So why IS there a Federal finger in the health care pie at all?

Clearly (at least to me at this point…) it seems that if the citizens of a given State WISH to have universal health care through a State mandated taxation, then that’s really all that needs to be happening…so again, why is the Federal government “in on the act” so to speak?

Can someone out there tell me how the Feds justify this abject waste of money, time, and effort in duplicating what should be a State to State decision?

Equally, can someone illuminate me on how and when the Feds got to the point where they felt it was legal for them to do so?

I suspect that they are not doing ANY of this legally at all…

Now there’s a thought. Some somnambulist servant of the flatulent cattle that purport to lead this country, reaching into my hard earn money in a provably illegal manner…Food for thought that.

Lastly, for the legal minds out there: With the scope of your (collective wisdom) experience, can this (insert expletive) woman be stopped, if perchance she manages to get elected as President?

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