Without a swaggering, barely articulate, brush clearing "brat and a Bud Bush" the mouth breathers can relate to, and a Karl Rove to orchestrate the hate campaign, what can we expect from the far right opinion leaders when they seek to promote their less than ideal candidate?

If Hillary Clinton is the candidate talk show bigots and swift boaters will use anything and everything to lift the rotting logs of sexism and get their creepy crawlies to the polls. They will stoke the flames of racial and religious racial animus against Barak (fanatical Muslim) Hussein Obama if he is the candidate.

We know that there is a segment of society so filled with hate untempered by higher level cognitive functioning that they will believe anything that reinforces their prejudices.

But if their choice is Senator McCain, with his "baggage" of being a
merely slightly right of center Republican except on the war, or the morphing every minute Romney, these butt scratchers may not feel that it is worth breaking their usual routine to actually go to the polls. Many of these voters need to be both strongly against a candidate and strongly for the opponent to bother voting.

Lacking a brats and beer backyard barbecue George W. Bush to vote for, I see a less organized but still zealous major get out the vote drive using every dirty trick in the book, with fabricated accusations flying on talk shows and the Internet about either Clinton or Obama. Unlike with Bush who, through Rove, actually approved and made an art form of these tactics, I think the Republican candidate will sincerely and actively disavow them. But he won’t be able to stop them. And even without Karl Rove, the hucksters of hate still have the Rove playbook.

I expect that what with the verbal diarrhea spewed by the these polluters of the airwaves, we will hear that Hillary condoned Bill’s affairs because she either had no interest in sex, or was a lesbian. Being asexual or sublimating sex drive to a higher purpose is too boring (I mean we don’t condemn nuns) so the later will probably be used by the scummiest of the right wing scum.

What is likely to be the truth about the Clinton’s sex life won’t be discussed by them because it is simply as boring as it is uncontroversial, and in fact something many women can relate to. It is probably that she has always had a statistically average heterosexual sex drive, and Bill had a combination of a statistically above average sex drive crucially added to a psychological need for the thrill that apparently a secret affair gave him.

As for the accusations against Barak (the deep cover jihadist) Obama, so far none involve personal matters. Since every charge against him which has been used to incite fears has been refuted, I wouldn’t be surprised if some slime sellers come up totally bogus claims about sexual indiscretions.

All we can hope for is that whoever the Republican candidate is, he will be able to assure a clean campaign and once and for all put a permanent cork in the garbage mouths of these puke mongers.


  1. "It’s like raising a small child. Unless the violence is nipped quickly the child will become a full-fledged criminal." Sandy.

    The night of Nov. 4th we will know. I wish the new president could be sworn in on the first Weds. after the
    First Tuesday in November… because though I am not one to be overly paranoid, I really wonder what mischief our not quite properly socialized President Bush will get into before Jan. 20, 2009.

  2. You know Hal, I was a good Republican until 1992 when I discovered their plan for one world order. I jumped back and out of the line of fire. I was stunned at how many Republicans had no reaction at all. However we did not vote for the Candidate, G.W.H. Bush. Instead we headed to the one candidate who spoke the truth. In my research (which is extensive) I followed the Perot movement. He nailed the problems firmly and accurately.

    He warned of the GOP dirty tricks and they were soon turned on him. His family was threatened and he quit. Clinton was elected twice and the new Bush on the street called in the religious right to put a man who talks to God in the White House. The dirty tricks were turned on McCain and the Congress and we have been swimming in crap ever since.

    Bush has to be the biggest liar ever born in America and will, and should, go down as the best damn example of corruption.

    American politics has gone beyong mean spiritedness and we should head a revolution to clean up anything or anyone left in power. I thought a revolution was due in 2000 but with all my whining and screaming the religious right put in another Bush.

    It’s like raising a small child. Unless the violence is nipped quickly the child will become a full-fledged criminal. We have had enough of the GOP and the Clintons and it is time to bring some new blood (black or white).

    America is becoming a full fledged criminal nation and it will take a revolution to put a stop to it.

  3. George Bush is a criminal guilty of treason to our government of, by, and for the American people and the Constitution. He claims it’s to protect the country… doesn’t even bother to hide or deny his crimes. Too many go along – Congress included – and certainly some of those you rant against. However, most aren’t mouth breathers, creepy crawlies, etc., but they are butt scratchers – just like you. With opinions just like you. Projection of your deepest feelings onto them is your biggest faux pas, thinking they must all be hoodwinked and servile because they don’t “get” your vision.

    My biggest problem with your rant was its mean-spiritedness – without need – mostly because it defeats your purpose. Takes one to know one and all.

    As for existential crap, I called for sixties-style marches and political activism in one of your previous blogs and you thought that a little much. Given a choice between action and “emotional outrage” – it’s not too hard to decide which one is which.

  4. Almadine,

    I see no broad brush of lies in what I wrote, and I take offense that you call me a liar, especially your saying I am in the lying league of the people I describe.

    If you are a Bush partisan, say so. I am an anti-Bush partisan and have made no secret of it.

    When I dispassionately anaylze I write in a different manner. But there are times for amygdala fueled rants, with a mix of a bit of over-the-top style with underlying substance, and this is one of them.

    If you are a Bush suporter and a fan of the likes of Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh, then more power to you. I can only hope that you are in a dwindling minority. If you truly want a change from the path Bush has led us down the past seven years, then I suggest a but of emotional outrage may be good for you.

    Oh well, you probably think all this is a wheel barrow full of "existential crap" from me anyway.

  5. I find the broad brush you have painted with above no less a lie and scurrilous innuendo than that you condemn. Yours is no more than a partisan rant without any more cognitive inhibition than you rail against. Emotion on patrol. Amygdala unleashed.

    Dispassionately analyze ??? Don’t even go there.

  6. I expect lies and scurrilous innuendo from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Rielly, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Lars Larson and other hard right opinion leaders in the media to foster fear and hatred among their listeners in order to get their candidate elected.

    People who respond like this to those they view as autority figures tend to lack, or at least not utilizse, a high level of cognition where they can dispassionately analyze whether their opnions and feelings are based on prejudice.

  7. Expect What From Whom??

    mouth breathers…
    creepy crawlies…
    butt scratchers…
    hucksters of hate…
    scummiest of the right wing scum…
    slime sellers…
    puke mongers…

    Is that what you call “hate untempered by higher level cognitive functioning” of a left wing hate monger?

    I had come to expect slightly better. My bad.

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