U.S. soldiers kill Iraqi civilians

The U.S. military said Monday that it accidentally killed nine Iraqi civilians during an operation targeting al-Qaida in Iraq south of Baghdad.

The civilians were killed Saturday near Iskandariyah, 30 miles south of the Iraqi capital, U.S. Navy Lt. Patrick Evans told The Associated Press. Three more civilians were wounded and taken to U.S. military hospitals nearby, he said.

The incident and the events surrounding it are under investigation, Evans said.

The killings occurred as U.S. forces pursued suspected al-Qaida in Iraq militants in the area. Shortly after the incident, American officers met with a Muslim sheik representing citizens in the area, he said.

“We offer our condolences to the families of those who were killed in this incident, and we mourn the loss of innocent civilian life,” Evans said in a statement e-mailed to the AP.

Saturday’s strike was the deadliest known case of mistaken identity in recent months.

In November, a leader of one of the so-called awakening councils — Sunni tribesmen allied with American forces fighting to oust al-Qaida from their hometowns — said U.S. soldiers killed dozens of his fighters during a 12-hour battle north of Baghdad.

The leader, Mansour Abid Salim of the Taji Awakening Council, accused American troops of mistaking his men for militants. The U.S. military admitted killing 25 men, but said they were insurgents operating “in the target area” where al-Qaida was believed to be hiding.

The U.S. military investigated that incident, but the two versions of events were never reconciled.

A month later, the U.S. military said its forces accidentally killed two people during a raid in Baqouba, northeast of Baghdad, and that one of them was later revealed to be an awakening council member.


  1. barak

    This story is wrong. Remember Harry Truman, the originator of “The Buck Stops Here!” remark? Well bushie baby, you get the blame for this one, along with every single one of the 750,000 other Iraqi deaths.
    By any accounting standards, this makes Bush the greatest Mass Murderer in the history of our Planet, and dirty-trick Dickie, abandoner of aides, his accomplice, or, if you want to really call a spade a spade and a murderer a murderer, a murderer. You count em, I’m dosing out on cheap Rum.
    The fact is that the Commander-in-Chief (forgivemeforwantingto write’commander-in-cheat’) bears the responsibility for this wrongwar in Iraq. It is WW2, #1 being a sacrifice of our money and manpower to save the Saudi’s asses so they could man the planes that drove into the World Trade Towers so that Cheney-Rumsfeld-and Wolfowicz’s set, shaped charges could finish the job that driving 2 large commercial aircraft into the buildings could not. I again refer to the video, “Loose Change 2” and hope I got the name right. Buildings that implode after a few minutes of a strike to their upper floors are buildings that have been set-up for falling down. In a straight line. Without anything falling outside of the delineated area…
    But back to dead people in Iraq, let’s not write them off too quickly and let’s put the Onus on the Anus, i.e. Put the blame on George W. Bush. He, the DECIDER. The man who is directly responsible for the carnage, killing, destruction, Holy Crusade that he perpetrated in Iraq as assuredly as the stuff hit the fan…
    Cheney can be accused of lots of things, but the dictator in the Presidency can account for the Saudi presence and destruction of America.
    We can too, we allowed him to steal the election…