Karl Rove wrote an opinion piece for Newsweek Magazine at the following link:

I read it because I believe that to defeat your opponent you have to understand your opponent. Mr. Rove may not currently be politically active in the Republican Party but that is by design. Currently he is a pariah. His endorsement would be like the kiss of death to any candidate. He knows it. The candidates know it and the Republican Party knows it. But rest assured, once a GOP candidate is chosen, Mr. Rove will be working towards getting him elected any way he can.

Therefore it is to our advantage to pay attention to what the master GOP strategist has to say for now. However, I must warn you. It is a very hard read. I had to stop myself several times to keep from ripping the head off my Karl Rove Voodoo doll.

Unfortunately, we do not have a Karl Rove Equivalent on the Democratic side so since people seem to like what I write, I would like to step up and address this article.

Dear Karl, I cannot let your Newsweek article go unanswered. You said:

“President Reagan’s gifts to the Republican Party were ideas: growing the economy through tax cuts, limiting government’s size, forcefully confronting totalitarian threats, making human rights a centerpiece of America’s foreign policy, respecting unborn human life, empowering the individual with more freedom.”

First let’s start off talking about growing the economy through tax cuts. That is not how I remember the Reagan administration. Yes Reagan cut taxes for the rich substantially, just like GW has. In the end, it hurt the economy. During Mr. Reagan’s tenure, we saw the collapse of the Savings and Loans accompanied by a bailout by the federal govt. Under Mr. Reagan’s tutelage, a significant number of people lost their jobs due to a loss in manufacturing jobs to overseas companies much like today. Under Mr. Reagan’s’ watch, we saw a down turn in our housing industry due to unethical lending practices involving APR mortgages again like today.

Yes sir we fully are aware of the economic ramifications of Trickle Down Economics no matter what label you put on it…much like today.

Secondly you site limiting Governments size. Either you are unaware sir that while Reagan was in power the size of the federal gov’t grew by four times the size it was when Reagan took his first oath of office or you are deliberately lying. In fact the only other president in the entire 20th century to rival Reagan in his growth of the Federal Gov’t’ was Franklin D Roosevelt who allegedly represents the antithesis of what you declare to believe.

Then you talk about confronting totalitarian threats. This is laughable considering the history that has been exposed recently in the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War”. Please sir, enlighten me to SPECIFICALLY what did Reagan do to confront totalitarian regimes? He talked a lot but what do you expect from an actor?

Lastly you talk about “making human rights a centerpiece of America’s foreign policy, respecting unborn human life, empowering the individual with more freedom.” This sounds like something GW has used in various campaign speeches. Do you just recycle this stuff and count on the blind ignorance of the vast majority of the American populace to not notice? This stuff is laughable. I challenge you to provide me with specific examples in lieu of a political bravado that would make even George Orwell proud.

Ok, I have to take a break here. I realize we’ve only gotten through less than 3 paragraphs but I need to breathe. Next you say:

“The Reagan coalition has a natural desire to stick together. Fiscal, defense and values conservatives have more in common with each other than with any major element of the Democratic Party’s leadership.”

On this I have no doubt you are being currently frank. You are perhaps the only Republican who is not afraid of the election in 2008. This statement alone says loud and clear why you continue to advocate on behalf of Hillary Clinton. YOU WANT HER TO WIN because you KNOW how to beat her.

Well Karl, what you aren’t counting on a few people who also understand the show to speak up and call you on this one.

“Democrats have a similar philosophical storehouse in the ideas of FDR and LBJ. Both expanded the size and scope of the federal government and saw it in almost an entirely positive light: as an agent of economic redistribution from the rich to the less affluent, as a provider to the poor and the disabled and as an enforcer of equal rights and equal justice.”

It worries me Karl when you and I agree. You are totally correct in your assessment. Let’s explore this a little further than just the surface propaganda that you utilize so richly to convey your point. First let’s talk about FDR, who came into office after a Republican president caused the biggest collapse in American Economic History. Yes he expanded gov’t to help the little guy over the rich guys. Because those who were still rich after the stock market crash (who by the way were mostly rich DIVERSIFIED OLD MONEY) didn’t need help. It was the rest of America that was reeling from economic collapse much like we are seeing happening across our country today. He grew the federal gov’t in order to create a MIDDLE CLASS and he was successful, wasn’t he. What you failed to mention is that he did it all without creating any significant debt, Unlike your hero Reagan who grew the deficit at the fastest rate of any president in the 20th century.

And let’s talk about LBJ. Yes he did stand up for the rights of the poor. He stood up for the CIVIL RIGHTS for the AVERAGE JOE. What I don’t understand is Karl, is why you consider this a bad thing. I am willing to bet you would be yelling loud and clear if someone were to abuse your civil rights. Johnson’s failings were simple Karl and you damn well know it. He tried to grow the economy while waging a war at the same time. Wait a minute. That sounds familiar to me somehow. Isn’t that what your boy GW has been doing for the past 6 years?

I have to add Karl, that I don’t understand why guys like you don’t use President and General Eisenhower as a hero instead of Reagan. Is it because Reagan was a federalist who was in bed with the Rich, Elite types like the Bushes and Eisenhower wasn’t? No Eisenhower was a war hero who stepped out of line when he spoke out AGAINST the military industrial complex that has funded Reagan and both Bushes’’ campaigns. The same military industrial complex that pushed LBJ to INCREASE U.S. efforts, manpower and money in Vietnam, a police action much like GW’s little fiasco. The same military complex that Reagan over funded in the name of communism. The same military complex that decreased once we saw the end of the cold war. The same military complex that in the end will be the ultimate benefactor of Iraq long after you and GW have gone from office leaving our military totally depleted.

Yes Karl LBJ did grow the size of the federal gov’t just like you described but what again you fail to mention is that the deficit LBJ created when he was in office was still a small percentage of the deficit your hero Reagan created. Wasn’t it during Mr. Reagan’s tenure that Mr. Cheney was first quoted as saying “Deficits didn’t matter” just like today?

OK gotta take another break. This is going to take awhile. Next you say:

“One is that the modern economy has led voters to prefer markets, decentralization and consumer choice far more than centralized control by government and the substitution of “expert” decisions for those of the individual.”

I don’t know quite where to start with this so I am going with the obvious…..” the substitution of “expert” decisions for those of the individual.” Isn’t this what your boy George has been doing for 8 years? I think the majority of America would resoundly answer YES to that question. Isn’t that what health insurance companies have become today under your boy George? I think the majority of America would resoundly answer YES to that question as well.

You also use the words “centralized control by government” to describe the Democrats beliefs about government. Yet again you fail to mention that again it was under your boy George that gov’t became centralized bigger and badder than ever. Do the words Homeland Security ring a bell?

And you started out implying that Democrats were against free markets, decentralization and consumer choice. Karl, where were you when Bill Clinton was in office? Did you just sleep through every Democratic administration like Rumpelstilskin? I am older than you Karl and have never heard a democratic candidate EVER ARGUE AGAINST free markets, decentralization and consumer choice. Karl, you seem determined to mislead the American public deliberately….once again like your boy George.

Ok another break or the Voodoo doll will be history. But once again you say something coherent in useful when you say:

“The other challenge is that many in that party mistake the “Third Way” tactics of the Clinton years for a substantive approach to governing. Triangulation—making yourself look good at the expense of allies and adversaries in both parties—is lousy for providing coherent answers to modern issues.”

OK so is the strategy to say the truth every other sentence and double speak the rest of the time? I think the Democratic Party gets it Karl. Have you heard of a guy named Barak Obama that is moving up in the polls? We understand the Clinton hatred. We think it’s a lousy way to vote but we can relate. Why? Once again because of your boy George.

Ok so we actually go through several of paragraphs where we agree again. There’s that strategy Karl. Makes me worried about moving onto page 2. Maybe I should go get a glass of wine. This next one might be a doozy.

Unfortunately, I cannot debate you about the amount of money either party has spent. Since you are the master, I will defer to you….this one time.

Lastly you conclude with the following sentence; “Maybe we are not seeing the crackup of the GOP. Rather, America is more likely to be at the start of an intense and exciting election. The contest will be hard fought, the actions of the candidates each day hugely significant. It’s far too early to draw sweeping conclusions about the health of either party; the presidential race, after all, has barely begun.”

I don’t see the crack up of the GOP. Rather what I see is an electorate that has awakened to your ways and the reality of what happens every time the republican party puts someone in power that champions the failing policies of “Trickle down Economics”. They aren’t buying your disinformation this time around.

It seems Karl you have gone several paragraphs being accurate. So where is the double speak, this disinformation you are so famous for? Oh I almost forgot the last sentence…..”the presidential race, after all, has barely begun. Lots of surprises lie ahead.”

This worries me Karl. What have you got up your sleeve this time around? I know the lengths you will go to, in order to keep the GOP in power. I’m just not sure whether you are being honest here because you don’t believe the Dems can beat you or…..you’re planning something. Well now that you’ve warned us, Karl, we’ll be watching and ready for your bag of tricks.

PS — I am not a Democrat Karl. I am one of those Independent voters that actually pays attention to what the candidate represents. But because of people like you Karl within the Republican party, I have and will continue to vote for the other guy until a satisfactory and viable independent candidate presents themselves.


  1. I have concluded that the strategy of those like Karl is simply this.

    Make a technically correct statement. Then follow it up with an incorrect statement.

    If you put enough of these into a paragraph, you can fool most people into believing that everything you just said must be factual…ESPECIALLY IF YOU APPEAR TO HAVE CREDIBILITY.

    This is how the Bushies operate. Actually, he’s used this tactic quite effectively well with GW over the years.

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