United We What?

Clinton and Obama look like they might have a chance. McCain looks like the other side’s choice.
Obama says he can unite America as President. He does not understand that most of us do not want a united America.
We want someone who will repair the mess Worst President Bush created in the last eight years. Bush has built a
Gordian knot which must either be undone by patient work or given a mighty sword blow to split it open. We do not
have time or ability to unite all the diverse views in our land.

Some anonymous pundit created the word: “Electile Dysfunction: the inability to get aroused by any of the
potential presidential nominees from either party.“ What would happen if Presidents decided not to lie but to tell
the truth? We have witnessed the lies seemingly necessary to get elected or nominated.We have seen what the lies by Presidents have caused- the truth eventually comes out as the Gulf of Tonkin incident did recently,the truths of
Iraq will all spill out in time.

Eric Alterman writes well about “When Presidents Lie”. All agree that GWB is the boldest presidential liar
of all. When his mouth is open, we can suspect his truthfulness with justification. Alterman calls Bush’s term the post truth Presidency.Before we elect another President,perhaps we all should read Alterman’s book.The list of Presidential liars: FDR, Truman, Kennedy,Johnson,Reagan,both Bushes, and what happened as a result of their lies- all in the book.

Parson Weems invented the story about Young George Washington chopping down the Cherry Tree.“I can not tell
a lie” the future President was supposed to have said. Perhaps Weems hoped it would be so and felt justified in the story lie. see http://xroads.virginia.edu/~cap/gw/gwmoral.html

Public office is a public trust said Grover Cleveland and it was said because it was not so. Public office then and
now was used as a way to get rich or richer.

What shall we unite around? Values? Right wing, left, center, religious,secular,corporate power? United we
what? United is nonsense. Honest, open, truthful,concerned to reestablish that government Mr. Lincoln described:
Government of the People, by the People, for the People.

We must remember that prior to his election, George W. Bush promised that he would tell the truth to the American
people and that he would bring back honor and dignity to the office of the President.
He lied.

Eric Alterman ends his book by saying,”In a better world, future U. S. Presidents would learn the obvious lessons from the experiences of their predecessors:Protect genuine secrets by refusing to answer certain questions,certainly.Put the best face on your own actions and those of the politicians you support, of course. Create a zone of privacy for yourself and your family that is declared off-limits to all public inquiry.
But do not, under any circumstances,lie”

What a great uniting President that would be.


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