‘Burn in hell Rand:’ The son faces the wrath of Ron Paul’s cult-like following

Rand Paul: Ron's prodigal son?

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul‘s decision to endorse his father’s rival — presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney — continues to bring the wrath of Ron Paul‘s cult=like supporters.

“Nothing but a judas.  Burn in hell rand,” wrote Natalie Shipanoff on Facebook.

Cody Seggerman Tzm, also writing on Facebook, declared: “Shame on you rand…you sold out on everything your father stands for. For money…if here is a hell, you will see it unless you can make up for your actions.”

Over at The Daily Paul, a poster named Washington said:

The only thing that makes sense is that they must have lured him in with a hot woman and set him with photographs of the event.  Something like that. They have to have something on him they are using for leverage.  No son would do this to his own father and his entire movement, especially at this critical stage. Carry on with the new invigoration people.  These bastards are going down.

Ah, the “hot woman” theory — just the kind of conspiracy belief one finds in the cult of Ron Paul. As usual, Paul’s rabid followers are so wrapped up in the cult-like status of their hero that they fail to comprehend political reality:

  1. Ron Paul will not win the nomination. He never had a chance;
  2. Rand Paul, as a freshman Senator from Kentucky, is looking towards his political future and did what he needed to do to support his party.

Some political observers feel Rand Paul realized he doesn’t need or want the more fanatical zealots who follow his father.

“There’s a lot more to the movement than the hard-core fanatics,” journalist Brian Doherty told The Business Insider.  “There are a lot of people who voted for Ron Paul in the primaries who are not writing angry things about Rand Paul on the Internet today.”

Mark Whittington, writing for the Yahoo contributor network, suggests the virulent reaction to Rand Paul’s actions showcases a central problem with Ron Paul’s hard-core supporters:

The implied suggestion that Ron Paul is George Washington or Jesus Christ should give one pause. More fundamentally the dust-up over Paul the Younger’s endorsement of his party’s nominee reveals the overwhelming flaw in the Paulitian movement. It is less of a political movement and more of a cult, centered around Ron Paul and his ideas, which his followers seem to regard as holy writ.

The campaign is Ron Paul’s swan song. He is in his 70s and is not as spry as he once was. He is leaving Congress, his claim to political legitimacy. And sooner rather than later, he will be with the ages, a departed prophet. Then his cult will die or subsumed into the greater conservative movement. Either outcome would be satisfactory.


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  1. The author calls Paul supporters cultists several times in this article. Remember that term when you are pushing for Romney, a true anti-Christian, heretic cultist.

    Forget the appeals to ixnay on the ultCay when it cones to Mittens and his “religion.” If a quarter of evangelicals vote as they believe, Mittens won’t break 40% nationally.

    Turnabout is fair play, leftist.

  2. Ron Paul does have a “cult-like following”, and it’s concerning. There is admiration of a politician’s ideals, then there’s the Paul cult which practically deifies him.

    Ron Paul is going to lose; his supporters are delusional.

  3. Really? “cult-like supporters,” and “rabid followers”? So much for journalism and a decent article. Not even trying to be unbiased, just spewing random crap. Pathetic what “journalism” has come to nowadays. P.S., if Republicans want to complain about the liberal bias, they cannot do the same and ignore the similarities… ridiculous. Glad to be independent.

  4. It bother’s me that its considered a cult to shun the two-party status quo. To give an analogy, The Democrats are the Baseball players union, the Republicans are the Owners, and Ron Paul is the fan constantly being d1cked in a tug of war between the two that result in increased prices (including Cable bill).

    The Repubs are for the rich and religious, the dems for the poor, fat, stupid and lazy. They manage to pit the public against each other with rif-raf issues like Gay marriage, abortion, and immigration, to the detriment of America as a whole.

  5. Dr. Paul spoke about the major problems with the NDAA – I looked into it and found out he was right.

    He spoke about the FED – I read some of the “Creature from Jeckyll Island”, right again.

    Problems with foreign entanglements – right. Patriot Act – right.

    He is the only one I hear speaking about these dangers to my country. Why?

    Cult? I don’t consider myself a member of a cult and am offended by the insult.

  6. I wish I could take pack my pageviews.

    This article focuses on a few individuals, fails to ACTUALLY connect them substantively to the Ron Paul campaign,and then draws a conclusion about an entire population.

    The vast majority of the Ron Paul ‘cult’ aren’t in this for the man himself. The man is just the figurehead, the flagbearer. This is a movement based on principles. They will outlast the man.

    Denying this doesn’t make it less true.

  7. This is the same lame ass, State TV like, government propaganda articles which seeks to miss lead and deceive would be supporters of the message of liberty!! I welcome the day when media like this dies the death it’s surely going to die with an open and free internet!! Good, look finding new employment, ’cause everyday people are waking up to the MSM’s guise and Americans are leaving you guys in droves to alternative news outlets!!! You should stick to reality TV, it’s a lot less disingenuous and more your true niche, rather than saying your out to enlighten and inform people, once known as the news!!!!

  8. Well regardless, it was a boneheaded political move. My friends are PISSED. Not “upset”, not “disappointed”, but flat out “let’s choke a Rand!” angry.

    I’m no devils advocate. I will not bother to defend him, this was a stupid move and he needs to make ammends like his job depends on it. Because it DOES.

    Fire Trygvi Olsen and Jessie Benton like ammends.

  9. The Republican Party has grown immensely due to Ron and Rand Paul’s ideas of Constitutional foreign policy, sound money, limited government, & personal freedom. Many voters (including myself) had no interest in politics before learning about the message of liberty. Once i heard about our active military & Veterans organizing marches and rallies for a politician named Dr. Ron Paul in 2007, i dug in. Once you begin your search into the depths of politics and corruption, one cannot be stopped. I learned that the news media does NOT tell the American people the important stuff. The typical American has no clue: the Patriot Act, NDAA, CISPA, SOPA, PIPA, Free Speech Protesting, Resource Preparedness, FED, the list goes on and on. The typical Ron Paul supporter (AKA “Follower” as we are often called) has done his homework and hours of online research. No one has told this person who they should/should not vote for. The media and GOP have done everything possible to dismiss, ignore, silence, and marginalise this message. Why? Because Ron Paul’s message will end nation building and wars-thus the military industrial complex will lose billions. The FED will be audited & fully exposed to the American taxpayers. 5 top government departments will be disposed of immediately. $1 TRILLION dollars will be cut from the budget in one year. The Patriot Act and NDAA will be repealed, as well as many of the President’s daily unconstitutional executive orders that Americans have never heard of.
    Why are the Ron Paul “followers” nuts? Because while most Americans continue their everyday lives, we continue to educate ourselves and watch our country crumble in debt and our troops continue to die. Obama just extended the wars for 12 more years without a debate. Our debt ceiling is about to be lifted again…no debate. Billions of our hard earned tax dollars are vanishing into thin air, and no one is held accountable. More drones fly in our sky. And our President now has his own “kill list”.
    Ron Paul’s message is way before his time. This message is much too early unfortunately. It will take more wars, more debt, more destruction of our once great country for the average American to turn off “Jersey Shores” and wake up to reality. Obama nor Mitt offer anything different than we’ve seen before. A vote for either is a vote for more of the same: bailouts, endless wars, and less personal freedoms. It’s a shame that America lost it’s chance.
    I believe Rand loves his dad more than life itself, and they both felt like this was the necessary move to grow and continue the message of liberty.

  10. Can anybody name a single thing that Mitt Romney supports that Obama opposes that Ron Paul supporters support?

    If you can’t, that explains the reactions of disgust toward Rand Paul.

    There’s not a single issue which differentiates Romney from Obama for me. Not one.

    • I can name one – a huge one – support for the concept of States Rights over federal power and authority. This is certainly one key reason that Ron Paul was so respectful of Romney during the campaign as Romney was respectful of Ron Paul in return.

  11. These people you claim are such hardcore supporters are probably not as hardcore as you make them out to be. Most of the people posting vitriolic messages of Rand are not directly involved in politics, like I am, nor are they as hardcore as I am, because they can’t see the big picture. The hardcore Paul supporters are people like me who try to keep a cool, level head, and we’re directly involved in tangible political change (through the GOP County and State Committees).

  12. I like Ron Paul and I support 80-90% of his policies which is about as high as I get with anyone. From what I can tell he is personally a good man but I am starting to question his judgment in not reining in the most fanatical of his supporters. I have spent some time over the past few days reading the Daily Paul and quite frankly a lot of those guys scare me – they claim to be the smartest and most informed citizens and they can quote you letter and verse about arcane Republican convention rules. I don’t see, however, a lot of intelligent persuasion about ideas or ideals – they just claim to be the only ones who understand Liberty and that the rest of us are mindless idiots. I really hope that this group of misfits and losers just fade away – they are hateful and vindictive and would pose a threat to all that is America if they ever held real power. I’m not making these comments about the bulk of Ron Paul supporters – I am calling out the hard core zealots who dominate the internet discussion about Ron Paul. I think that the time has come for Ron Paul to prove his character and step up and disavow these radical supporters – I think he may actually be inching that way as I don’t think that the Rand endorsement of Romney would have happened without some degree of support from his father. The Rand crazies are fooling themselves if they think otherwise.

  13. Cult? Sounds more like the GOP! The average main stream GOP member has only one goal “Defeat Obama” and that is about all they say. Not one of them have a clue about loosing their liberty because they are informed by MSM. As long as millionaires are representing the American people in congress we will remain the same because they have their own fortune to serve and not us. It’s sad that the only thing that you can buy made in America is a Congressman!!!

  14. Nick is correct. The GOP and Libs thinks it’s man against man. Why? Because their policies are the same, so it’s ONLY about the MAN. TO me, it is about POLICY. Something these people cannot get into their head. I DON’T care who advocates it in Washington. If they DO, I support them. It just HAPPENS to be Ron Paul right NOW. If Rand jumps ship, you people expect the people to jump ship with him and abandon their principles. If I have to go down with a sinking ship to hold on to my principles, so be it. At least I won’t have a heavy heart when this country goes bankrupt.

  15. cult like really ? what about the active duty military that supports ron paul more than any candidate and obama put together you calling them cult like? if any candidate supporters are cult like its romney and his mormon supporters.

  16. I agree that it is frustrating to be informed and then read something like this that basically states that if I like Ron Paul or his ideals then I must be crazy and brainwashed. I’m not. I’m just informed and have a lot of real life experience dealing with our crooked government. We desperately need change, and that is NOT going to come from Romney nor Obama. If you cannot understand that then you really need to start paying attention to the news. Read multiple sources, watch cspan..etc.
    The mormons are considered cult-like as well, but look where they are today! haha

  17. The passion for Ron Paul was the realization that he stood for the principles and ideas that formed the foundation of this Constitutional Republic and the exciting possibility that we could win it back. Uninformed and uneducated people will NEVER understand this concept because American Idol and Gameboy is their cult.

  18. This article was written under the premise that ‘mean things were said on social media’. Hahahahahaha. Ron Paul 2012 n beyond. Good work supporters.

  19. Nice tactic. Take a couple over the top comments from a few supporters who do not represent the majority of Ron’s supporters and group us all together.

    Hack journalism at it’s finest. Why don’t you educate yourself and quit spewing this garbage.

  20. Clearly Capitol Hill Blue has never understood Ron Paul’s followers. We are attracted to Ron Paul because of his ideas and his unwavering conviction. If we stand out, like a body apart from politics as usual, it is because we stand on principle. This is out of place in America today. It is for this reason we feel betrayed by Rand. We don’t want to just “win.” We want a government bound by the Constitution, not by the whims of whomever won the last election; we want a government that does not go in search of overseas monsters to slay, subjecting us all to never-ending warfare and the taxation to support it; we want a government that concerns itself with maintaining fairness before the law, not one that protects and subsidizes the financial elite and selected segments of the population; we want a government steeped in American tradition and law, not one that takes inspiration and orders from supra- and international organizations. I would say above all we don’t see why our personal lives should be ruled by lawyers-elected-to-office, collectively known as politicians. None of this we get from Romney.

    Every 4 years, the cult-of-the-presidency appears. A mass hysteria takes over. Ordinary, formerly sane citizens swear allegiance to some stranger with a voting record that belie his current promises. People argue back and forth about the honesty, rectitude and ideological purity of their chosen candidate where formerly he would have been dismissed as just another politician. They chant for him, contribute money to his campaign, and convince others to vote for him. Whichever candidate wins invariably disappoints those who voted for him. After 4 years in office, usually the best that can be said of our formerly pristine candidate is that “He’s the better of two evils.” Yeah, that’s who I want to support.

    Those of us who support(ed) Ron Paul see someone drastically different. Honest, consistent, plain spoken, intelligent, moral, well read,… Simply put, not a politician (and, thank God, not a lawyer). Yes, we wanted him to win. However, we knew it was David against Goliath. Goliath has won. He usually does. We are understandably upset that after the armies had lined up across from each other some of whom we thought were allies found common cause with those they formerly declared adversaries. All in the name of being on the winning side. I say, good riddance.

    Romney holds identical positions to Obama on the major issues of the day. This was aptly pointed out by all the other Republican candidates. To support Romney against Obama reduces politics to just a team sport. “I want the hometown team to win. Never mind principles.” This non-thinking allegiance is the essence of cultism.

    For Ron Paul’s supporters to be angry at Rand shows that we are not cult-like followers. If we were, you would not hear a peep from us. We would simply fall in line, like the hardcore Democrats and Republicans do every 4 years.

    Of course, I write this not for Capitol Hill Blue (who does not know what to make of people who are not zombies) but for any honest person trying to make sense of the present state of the Ron Paul movement. We are a movement, not a candidate, and we don’t believe in hereditary allegiance.

    Ron Paul 2012! For Liberty. For Peace. For Freedom.

  21. Mitt Romney is a clear and present danger to the United States. His relationship with the Israeli military should be of great concern to all Americans because this is how the Israeli military plans to drag the United States into a war with Iran.

  22. Main stream Republican’s are the fascist types who lure you into their little circle. No one changes the system, the system changes you. Rand doesn’t represent his fathers Ideas, but people support Ron Paul because of the Idea of Liberty and how he articulates it. People support Ron Paul because they are informed of the monster the Federal Reserve is and the danger it is to this country. No idea of liberty will ever be allowed to spread in the Neo Con circles for a couple of reasons. Their lively hoods are at stake here, Neo Con’s only know how to build police states and wage war. They claim to be free market enthusiast when really they infest cabinet positions and bend the rules to their companies liking. They are socialist no more than Obama. They get out of their mistakes by holding the economy hostage, the FED inflates the currency (the hidden tax) and they walk off hands free. Who cares about rand, you cant solver these problems by working with the people who created this mess in the first place. Logic tells you, that if you created the mess, you have no right to be at the discussion table. Capital Hill What will be sitting around waiting for his Neo Con Messiahs while the rest of us invest in silver and turn to Jesus for help. Everyone’s going to need it. Romney will start WW3 to get this economy of its problems, pull the plug on entitlements and watch the anti-depressant filled commies go wild rioting (where the police state the fascist neocons built will be implemented). Not looking good folks, not looking good.

  23. I thought that Ron Paul supporters understood individual liberty. Rand Paul is Ron Pauls son, not his clone. Even a clone would have individual rights and be able to do as he pleased.

    Rand Paul has split ways with his father on a number of occasions and has sided with the Bible bashing neocons before. I always expected him to eventually fall in line behind Mitt although I expected him to wait until after Tampa. His eagerness to jump on the establishment bandwagon even took me by surprise but it’s his life, his career.

    I’m actually glad that a line has been clearly drawn in the sand between Rand and Ron Paul for so many Ron Paul supporters who could never see it.

  24. Cult like? Hardly. Educated and passionate is more like it. We understand the constitution and what freedom is all about. We are disgusted with the state of this country and afraid for the future of it if we continue on the current path. We understand that this is no time for politics as usual nor is it time for compromise of any kind. Anything less than a fully and wholly Constitutional government is unacceptable because anything less can and will lead to catastrophe. It’s cute that you like to marginalize us as “cult like” but rest assured your quips and puff pieces will not save you from the economic hell that is coming if nothing changes. You too will be subject to indefinite detention and soaring taxes. You too will be forced to support the entitlement system and undeclared wars. You too will sit and watch as even more of your freedoms and rights are taken away from you. When the government straps this country with some much debt that your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be paying it off you might wish you had been a little bit more “cult-like”.

  25. Authors like this always sum up a diverse group of people into a few “extreme” followers who obviously are venting frustration over Rand’s endorsement. Several harsh comments from Paul supporters on Facebook do not represent an entire movement and its ideas. Using the same backhanded insults like pegging Paul supporters as “conspiracy theorists” or “cultists” is just the same old tactic that will turn away intelligent readers — maybe even those non-Paul supporters you are pandering to. Don’t you know that this type of journalism will not only negatively affect the Ron Paul movement, but even the people and ideas you may agree with currently or in the future? Please stop with the yellow journalism. This is yet another opportune moment to bash the Ron Paul movement, isn’t it? Maybe as another spiteful retaliation against all those Paul fans who’ve bombarded your comments section disagreeably or to join the mainstream media yet again in putting down the “unpopular kids in school.” Either way, the only difference between those angry supporters who’ve attacked Rand and you, sir, is that their anger stems from a passionate belief in someone and his ideas. Yet you choose to put your passion into putting down people who believe in something you’d rather not delve into critically, because that would require something completely different from your usual method of dismissing ideas through mere ad hominem and a patronizing tone. It’s called reason. Something everyone, not just Paul supporters, should rely on during this rocky political climate.

  26. If a few supporters get angry, that is their right. I’m betting that some are not Ron Paul supporters, but folks posing to further marginalize the movement, which is about liberty and not so much about Paul. Even if he is a very intelligent, thoughtful, giving, freedom loving, God fearing man.
    I understand Rand’s position. He did say that his dad was always his first choice. I hold not ill will towards him.
    And I hope many of Ron Paul supporters out there listened to his speech at the Texas GOP convention. He said not to compromise for the sake of party unity if the compromise was unconstitutional.
    I feel the delegate numbers are conservative and we will be a force to be reckoned with in Tampa.

  27. All he had to do was wait till the convention then he wouldn’t have this backlash. Well… actually, he would still have backlash because no Ron Paul supporter would ever vote for Romney or Obama. Why don’t people understand this?

  28. So I should just roll over and be content with the fact I spent hundreds of dollars getting Rand elected (with the encouragement of his father), only to have him endorse someone who is the complete opposite of Rand?

    Okay, you win. I’ll just melt into the GOP Matrix so I can be considered “normal”. Being different is bad. Wanting liberty is bad. Ending wars is bad.

  29. This is not about a man, it is about the message. And Ron Paul says it best: NOTHING can stop an idea whose time has come!

  30. MSM is pushing the bad rap upon us. Bottom line is that Ron Paul will never endorse Mitt Romney, nor will 95+% of his supporters.

    • This is yet another MSM attempt to divide us. What they don’t realize is that we will never give up, and we will never forget. We are Liberty; expect us.

  31. These educated Ron Paul supporters are the people Romney takes for granted. Romney thinks that their dislike of Obama will force them to support Romney? Not true. It is not about Ron Paul the man. It is about Liberty, Peace, and balanced budgets. If you are not angry it is because you are not informed. Ron Paul supporters have done their homework. Their guiding principle is Liberty. If Paul’s supporters are this vocal against Rand Paul for not supporting those guiding principles it should be a big clue to the GOP that Romney needs to take some action to incorporate these principles in or he will watch Gary Johnson get the support that could have helped him beat Obama. I never said anything mean about Rand Paul, but I can sympathize with how it stings to have the ideals betrayed with Rand’s endorsement. Ron Paul 2012. Speaking of Ron Paul supporters: We are not crazy…we’re just informed.

  32. Really? I’m disgusted with Rand, not because he ‘betrayed’ Ron Paul, but because he’s endorsed someone who supports the Patriot Act, the NDAA, SOPA, who can’t make up his mind about whether the government should get it’s nose up inside women’s personal lives, and who has no problem with imposing control on other, sovereign, countries.

    I won’t vote for him in 2016, because he’s sold out. All those pretty speeches he made about civil rights, and how we shouldn’t be subjected to the possibility of indefinite detention, etc, were just words. He’s embraced someone who goes against all of that, and has proven himself to be just another politician for sale. I don’t care what his reasoning was. He went against HIMSELF, and his credibility is shot.

  33. “political reality: Ron Paul will not win the nomination. He never had a chance”

    – The Crystal Ball King pronounces his magic infallible truth about the future. No lottery numbers this time. Keeping them to himself it seems. How does he do it? How? Amazing genius to know the future when the other 7 billion mortals canonly hope the Sun will come up tomorrow. However does he do it?

  34. Rand Paul’s timing and endorsement reveal his underlying character, in that his political aspirations are placed before family values. As the Buddha said, “your words should pass 3 tests before you speak. Is it true, is it necessary and is it kind.” Rand Paul endorsement is neither necessary nor kind. I feel deeply for the father, the man Ron Paul, as the son, the boy, unconsciously serves himself and political party at the expense of his fathers legacy. The father is left with the difficult choice of covering for his son or continuing his leadership. Such is the political climate in America where common decency is willingly sacrificed for political gain.

  35. Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd that no one is hearing anything from Mr. Ron Paul himself, personally? Publicly? It seems so out-of-character for a man who has stood boldly against the mainstream. Something seems amiss to me. Perhaps he is under some duress or is ill?

  36. Ron Paul’s supporters are using the Republican process far more intently than Romney. Saying he never had a chance is a denial tactic that the presumptive nominee will clinch the nomination by usual propaganda tactics. No, Paul will regain the delegates lost to many election frauds of the delegate process. You will not see Romney get the nomination so easily as to believe that Ron never had a chance. The grass roots are vehemently pushing, and despite any ill word from them, they are making sure that Ron has an even lawful fight.

  37. I understand why people feel betrayed, but this was never about Ron or Rand Paul who, by the way, are human. I support Dr.No’s message 100% and will start using my passion for liberty at the local level. I am sick of complaining, it is time we all start doing!
    It is time for the liberty movement to get out from behind that computer and start making the change that you want! Decentralization of the federal government can not start from the top! It has an upward motion. We must work bottom up! Become a precinct delegate, run for city counsel, run for local gov positions. Get of your butts!

    For liberty,

  38. Oh yes it’s cultic to be angry with what we perceive as traitorous. Rand could of held endorsement till after Tampa, that’s why we’re mad. You belittle his supporters when he gets the most support out of the military and young people (our future leaders.) Shame on you for trying to discredit them. Call us conspiracy theorists when delegates are having bones broken and arrested for merely sticking with party rules. “Before the victory is won some will be misunderstood and called bad names and dismissed as rabble rousers and agitators but WE SHALL OVERCOME.” Dr. King Jr.

  39. For Rand Paul it may have been blackmail or pure strategy that made him do this. For me this just underlines what a great American Ralph Nader is.

  40. Many Ron Paul supporters will quietly shift their presidential vote to Gary Johnson. Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney will make little difference.

  41. I call TROLL JOB.

    Yes, many supporters are annoyed at Rand, but really, how many are saying “burn in hell” — one, three?

    Posts like these are posted by trolls and the MSM, in their quest to discredit Ron Paul, laps them up and can’t wait to sensationalize.

  42. LOL! Romney cult members dancing around the fire singing the same old chants in response to Rand Paul’s demise as a credible person. Ah yes … and anyone who dares disagree … you’ve got names for them, right?

    Romney supporters are but another reason Romney can’t win the election.

  43. The thing I don’t understand is why I ever read these bblog post about ROn Paul. No matter what happens, it’s the same negative narrative.

  44. I am a 50 year old Married Christian Conservative 25 plus Republican. The smear that has been directed at Dr. Paul during this election is horrible and the Republican Party should be ashamed. By reading information about what the candidates stand for did I choose Dr. Paul. And to see you put him down, and the hardest working self sacrificing Americans who want an honest man in the White House to get our country back to what was only tells me what corruption we are facing. GOD PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY, FORGIVE THE MISLEAD FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.

  45. This is a terrible piece. Honestly I’m not even a Paul supporter and facts are the man has passion and a lot of great ideas. His supporters feel that passion. Calling names like rabid and cult like really just puts you where these so called cultist say you are… Desperate and discriminatory. So now suddenly people who passionately feel about the constitution and peace are rabid? Not the war mongers foaming at the mouth?yea… Sounds reasonable

  46. Yeah I’m a little upset at how some supporters are acting, but we had hopes that Rand would carry the movement after Dr. Paul retired. This to me this simply means we just have to look to somebody else. Rand is simply more comfortable playing politics than his father was and so be it. I along with many others owe Dr. Paul too much to betray the movement and thanks to his written works we will make sure the message of civil and economic liberties , along with the FED and non-interventionist foreign policy will never die. The movement right now I believe is bigger than the Paul’s themselves and bigger than any one man.
    Long live the Revolution!

  47. Good job people! It really is no wonder we get such a bad rap.

    It’s not about Paul, it’s about ideals. You’ve managed to alienate yourselves from the process and feed the perception that we’re all radical and extreme.

    It’s over. Move on and advance the ideals and policies that he represented.

    • Really Griff? Is that what we did? Where have you been the last 7 years? When were we NOT being alienated? Yet through all of that we pressed on, countinued the message and brought more people into the fold. But now because Rand went out and endorsed Romney, we get articles like this telling us how Ron was never going to win. How Rand saw the light and went over to their side. Now we are just a bunch of hard core fanatics or fanatical zealots, all because Rand needed to further his career. Better people than you and I will advance the ideals and policies, but the road was just made all that much more harder by articles and comments like this. I hope you open your eyes to that.

    • This is far from over. It’s just beginning. Just a small bump in the road. The first of many. No one said it was gonna be easy.

    • Absolutely. Ron Paul was always encouraging individuals to become responsible for thier own futures, but to work together with everyone else.

      Unfortunately there is view that Ron Paul needs to be the figurehead…or that there needs to be a figurehead in society for positive, grown-up, evolved change to occur. That isnt so, its the way the world has been run for thousands of years and thats how parties and individuals gain so much power to mold life for everyone.

      With the internet age we are learning that our views are not just our own and that there are litterally millions if not billions that think just as we do and that we no longer need Kings, Emperors or even Presidents to look up to to make all our decisions for us. Even religions are not needed as a means of something to look up to to guide us, but rather progressive learning of life, liberty and mutual responsibility of our beautiful planet is what matters most.

      I see this move by Rand Paul, and the lack of any communication directly from Ron Paul as a last ditch attempt by the old guard of tired, selfish and narcissistic powers to discredit not the Ron Paul movement, but rather the awakening of the young viewpoint that we no longer need to have leaders doing all the thinking for us. We have matured, we have evolved and we are ready to govern ourselves and together we sill create a better future.

      So push past this obvious attempt to discredit the liberty movement Americans. Rise above the evil tactics of those who want you to stay quiet in your “prison cells” of every day life and break the chains that bind you. Both outer and within.

      Its time to rise up.

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