You might be a slut if…

…You are a liberal;

—You are a Democrat;

…You ever burned your bra;

…You ever lived with a boyfriend;

—You’re still downloading Dixie Chick music;

—You teach your daughters about safe sex.

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No, it’s not a new Jeff Foxworthy routine.  It’s part of a campaign against repressive right-wing Republicans who think women who enjoy sex are sluts.  The web site, WarOnWomen.Com is organizing free-thinking women to battle conservative blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, who attacked law student Sandra Fluke and called her a “slut” because she had the gall to testify before Congress and support contraception.

Susan McMillan Emry launched the web site with the slogan “Rock the Slut Vote” and is seeking volunteers to send the right-wing back into their caves.

Emry says she wants to “re-appropriate” the word “slut” and turn it from a negative to a positive so the rabid right wing can’t use it to “bully and silence women.”

“It’s really about taking the power away from that word more than it is about Rush Limbaugh,” Emry told Reuters.  “He gave the word the notoriety but we are tying to take it back.”

Emry is also selling bumper stickers and t-shirts at her site.  A best-seller is one that says “Rush Limbaugh thinks I’m a slut.”

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  1. Women are their own worst enemies.

    Aside from marrying the second worst enemy. . . (small joke intended there, so don’t bring out the tar and feather pillows, please), women tend to denigrate those that have done, or could do, the most good for eachother. To buy into this while sporting a chromosome set including XY could be proof positive.

    Are we really taking our social cues from a gas giant? [Thanks Jim B.] Are we ready to label every woman that doesn’t pass the “exam” put together by religious bigots, social bigots, or misogynists, with a bad word? Hester Prynne, hand over the templates for the upcoming outbreak of scarlet monograms. Busts will be adorned with an attractive choice of “S”, “A” or perhaps “D” for doormat. Put all three together and you have an assessment of the situation.

    Just because a woman lives her life a certain way does not mean she is necessarily a slut. Get real. Find something meaningful to get exercised about.

    Or, in the case of gas giants, get some exercise for those ever expanding mid-regions, and keep silence about those matters where your knowledge is informed only by prejudice and double standards. After all, I’ve figured out many of those gas giant types have had strings of live in girlfriends, or at least have spent many nights spent in beds with women to whom they were not wed, complete with benefit of clergy.

  2. ‘Emry says she wants to “re-appropriate” the word “slut” and turn it from a negative to a positive so the rabid right wing can’t use it to “bully and silence women.”’

    You know who uses that term even more than the right wing as a negative to bully and silence women?

    Other women.

    Good luck getting your own sisters to stop sabotaging you on your quest Susan.

  3. excellent work! one thing we need to understand and communicate it that this is not just about birth control, or war on a certain gender…its about freedom, economics, and the health of our nations and planet, so many other things are intertwined with this….peace!

  4. This is great!….There are a near infinite number of gas giants in the universe, but in our solar system, regarding their size, right after the planet, Jupiter, comes the Limbaugh.

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