A jewish ex-girlfriend once taught me how to spell and pronounce the word “chutzpah”, while claiming that it was a perfect nickname for me (in my admittedly arrogant yute).

Sigh. She was right, I have no doubts.

I suspect that I have nothing on the Clinton campaign.

The DNC told all 50 states that four, and only four, states were permitted to caucus or hold primaries in advance of the super Tuesday primary next week. Florida & Michigan ignored the DNC and suffered the consequences, ie, their delegates would not be seated at the convention. (this has been under attack by the Clintons since the first poll showed a slight lead for Hillary)

It did not stop there. Every candidate also signed a pledge not to run, not to campaign, and not to fund raise in public in Florida.

As only a Clinton Campaign can do, the Clintons began running regional cable ads, which they knew would reach Florida. This move allowed them to deny any intent to break the pledge. At the same time, Bill and Hillary, and their paid political hatchet-men, attacked Obama for doing the same thing. (some estiamtes suggest that Clinton’s campaign was spending 3-4x on those cable ads, compared to Obama)

All but one Democratic candidate complied with their pledge. All but one Democratic candidate avoided Florida. All but one Democratic candidate refused to attend any major event in Florida.

And who was that one? Hillary Clinton, now on stage, bragging about her “great victory in the Great State of Florida”. That’s right. She organized a post election party in Florida, claiming “victory”.

Chutzpah. What a great word.

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