Came across a great video today, and I will share it below. But first a few words. I see many Republicans jumping ship this year and (gasp!) looking at the Democrats (Obama) as some kind of protest thing. I see many more suggesting we abandon the party altogether and start a third party.

In the first debate in California last year, every one of the candidates were tripping over themselves to throw Reagan’s name out there. All but one, that is.

The other candidate never even mentioned his name at all. Coincidentally, this other candidate (the one we shall not speak of) was one of the first four delegates to go to Washington to support Reagan. Reagan spoke very highly of this candidate, as well.

We Rail against the establishment and its media whores, yet we gobble up every morsel of its fetid detritus and yearn for seconds.

We rail against the hypocrisy of politics, yet we are forever transfixed by its shiny appearance and delusions of grandeur.

We are herded into groups to squabble endlessly over superficial and petty differences, never actually asking whether we should even be having the conversation in the first.

We never seek the advice of The Founders. They are shunned and considered irrelevant. These men brought about the greatest form of government ever created. We have allowed ourselves to be distracted, and it was stolen from under our noses.

So let’s all turn off the propaganda boxes for five minutes, close your eyes, and think about what it was like being a kid. Remember what it was like growing up in the greatest, freest, and most popular place on the planet. Remember a time when your dreams were reality and anything was possible. Remember when you questioned everything; not out of skepticism, but because of a sheer thirst for knowledge.

Now think of our own kids, and the kind of dreams that await them. Nightmares, really. Endless War, Endless Poverty, Endless Surveillance, Endless Authority…Endless Government!

We have truly become Land of the Meek, Home of the Slaves. So instead of abandoning hope and endlessly criticizing something that we refuse to change, take a look at someone who is not only dedicated to it, but he also happens to be running for President…

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