G-d, Allah, & Jesus’s Daddy?????

    I try to see something positive here, but I cannot. Bush disgusts me, Chaney makes me want to vomit in his face, and Nancy P standing and applauding is what is expected from someone who is bought and paid for. Token applause is worse than no applause at all, and to those who say that it was the office they were honoring, not the man, I say BullShit! You don’t show respect to something that has been degraded to the level which Bush/Cheney have done. You do not applaud for a man who is a criminal and a traitor. You do not honor this office until we get someone in it who deserves honoring, and who has brought it back to the level it deserves.

    That said, I wanted to say a couple of more words about religion. Recently a letter circulated that really questioned Obama’s integrity, honesty, and motives particularly in view of the preachings of his church. It said some pretty bad things, and accused him of really terrible judgement and tried to tie him to acts which would eventually turn America into a muslim state. I checked it through Snopes.com and learned that it was a fake, and the allegations untrue. I have made it plain that I do not support Obama and that his Chicago roots make him, to me at least, suspect at best and culpable at worst. I have no evidence to support my feelings, but over the 60+ years I have been capable of semi-rational thought, I have learned to listen to myself.

    This leads me to the preachings of the world’s religions, and to the preachings of those who lead the masses who belong to these religions. I differentiate between the religions and the preachers, because in my opinion they are not the same.

    I do not think you can find one religion that advocates violence, intolerance, and disregard for one’s fellow man or woman. Islam, true Islam certainly does not. In fact it prohibits intolerance of those who do not believe in Islam. It shows great understanding and compassion for non-believers.
    Judaism is a little different. It does preach tolerance, but it is more concerned with it’s adherents trying to understand Judaism than what anyone else thinks of Jews or worrying about what Jews think of anyone outside the religion. Basically Judaism says “This book of laws should be understood, and you should study diligently so you will learn to understand the law and how you can apply it to your daily life.

    Christianity seems to be based on the preachings of a Jewish Rabbi (Rabbi simply means teacher, or guide–there is no mystical or mythical attributes given to a Rabbi, just that he has more knowledge than the group he is teaching or leading.) Jesus never preached violence, just tolerance and understanding. He may or may not have made claims of being G-d, or the son of G-d, and he may have done this to grab attention from a drifting, subjugated people who were under the thumbs of the Romans. Its not important. What is important is that he was a man of peace around whom a religion formed.
    You can say the same things about the other religions, Buddhism, Hindu, and so on and so forth. They speak of peace, tolerance, and love for your fellow human being.

    Then we look at the leaders, the preachers, those who lead the flocks of adherents–and we find all the repugnant things we were about to attribute to the religion itself.

    STOP! STOP NOW!!!! It ain’t the religion, folks. It is the Preacher. The Muslim Clerics, the Christian Conservatives, the Jewish Fanatics, all preaching violence, hatred and intolerance. They are the guilty ones. They are the monsters we should isolate and bury far from any public forum. They are the troublemakers, the inciters to violence. Shut them up, turn off the cameras and the tv and the news coverage and they will dry up like so much tumbleweed and roll harmlessly away.

    Believe in your faith. Believe in yourself. Trust your heart and trust in the goodness of your fellow man. Long term, you won’t be disappointed.

    Unless his name is George Bush or DICK Cheney

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