Oh yes, we know that these terrorists want American capitalism dead and our being aligned with Israel a huge problem to all of the Muslim people. This has been a fact for over a thousand years so why now are we at war in Iraq?

A quick look at the 1992 Republican Platform where the Middle East was called out by name for America to go in and bring Democracy to the people. Looking at the Bush dynasty starting with the grandparents of the current President they all had their eyes on an Imperial America. The U.S. Constitution was considered redundant to the One World Order. We must not forget that NAFTA GATT was written up under Bush 41 who lost before he could put it into another treaty to downsize American Sovereignty. It was passed to Clinton.

During Clinton’s Presidency Islam struck Americans in two continents and nothing happened. With another Bush in the White House, how could we not force an attack to bring the American people under total control of the Government?

The question that is being asked is whether the Bush family forced Islam to take the ultimate attack on America. the PNAC mentioned that to bring Americans back to the spirit of WW2 all that was needed was another Pearl Harbor.

Our government had been asked to get American troops out of the Middle East during and after the Kuwait war. This mess in Kuwait showed many of us that America had armed not only Afghanistan but Pakistan years before. We knew there was depleted uranium all over the middle east because we furnished it. Could this be the WMDs that Bush used to start a war with Afghanistan and then Iraq?

Could Bush use his religious right supporters if he could blame 9/11 on Islam? Could he pull off a modern day Crusade by going after the Muslim people? This is in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution but the harm had been done when Bush promised the Churches faith based grants thereby eliminating the Separation of Church and State. He bought the Christian voters and they still support him.

Will this religious movenment put another Christian in the White House and continue the assault on Islam. Listening to Romney and McCain guarantees a never ending war with Islam.

When our American borders were not closed after 9/11 it became clear to me that this was a fraud. The push for cheap labor from the Republicans kept Bush from closing the borders thereby giving the main clue that Bush was prepared for 9/11 and on many internet sites we have been told to get off this subject.

I will never give in to the Evangelicals who want the end of days to get the into heaven. Our American freedoms are being compromised by the religious right and I want it exposed. After the election my web site will be reopened. If we elect McCain or Romney I will use my site, my money and my deep love for America to expose the truth of 9/11, and the men and women who sold us out for power.

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