DOD Wants $70 Billion More for Wars

More spying on Americans

“According to sources, the system uses the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s “Terrorist Information Network,” a vast computer database that collects information, in real time, on millions of Americans’ financial transactions, travel habits and purchases.

TIA ties into the private networks of banks, airlines, credit card companies and travel services to monitor the actions of ordinary Americans.”

“Congress voted to stop funding the project but Bush simply moved TIA into the Pentagon’s “black bag” program where federal funds can be spent without Congressional approval or oversight.”

If we don’t give the Department of Defense anymore money they will eventually not be able to operate and have to shut down their BLACK BAG OF TRICKS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO “Terrorist Information Network”.

Anyone out there know who is on the committees that approve funding for DOD?

Here is a good starting point. If Congress can’t come together to stop the Bushies from overriding their approval and/or oversight, then we need to replace anyone and everyone that stands in the way regardless of their political affilliation.

Here is an opportunity that only an election year could provide because they all will be covering their collective behinds to keep their jobs next year.

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