Gentle readers of this blog, I apologize for what follows, but I was raised in a socialist country that practices a “form” of democracy. The results of which have left me with extremely strong feelings about the citizenry remaining free from the yolk of ANY level of government oversight of the lives of the ordinary citizen for ANY reason outside a compelling and justifiable criminal inquiry.

I looked at a few other blogs this morning, and I (as usual) find myself getting a bit pissed off at the thought of big brother “outsourcing the illegal surveillance” of this county’s citizens.

The following was a quote from an interview that was posted by pollchecker.

To wit:
“When a business entity decides to do something that seems just stupid, you’ve got to start looking for the angle you’re missing. Internet filtering is a bad business move because, well, most of us value our privacy.”

I think the “missing angle” in all of this is the co-opting of business into the muck infested cesspool of paranoia that seeps out of everything to do with pretty much all Federal Government activity for the last eight years.

So, all of you guttersnipe ass puppets of a corrupt regime that are “filtering” this in any manner, at least TRY and get the spelling right. Thanks.

As a free citizen of the United States, I took an oath to defend this country from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

This oath is part of the core values of who I am. It is time to use the vote as the front line in the fight to repudiate this type of budding dictatorship, while we still can.

I will not tell you how to vote. You and only you gentle reader, are to be judge of how to do that. But I feel it needs to be said, we need to vote with an eye to the future of this country.

This next election I feel, will be a turning point in the history of this country like no other before it.

Perhaps it’s having the first hand knowledge of what it’s like to have “privileges” and not rights. Now that I have the privilege of having rights, I will do what it takes to keep them. I see a government running faster and faster into complete dictatorship. For all appearances, there is a group of greedy, freedom hating, paranoid maniacs in control currently.

This is unacceptable to me. So I will voice that opinion by way of my carefully considered vote. I refuse to vote for the lesser of “X” number evils as well. I urge you to review all of those standing for any level of office, and if none of them meet your personal standards of judgment as to suitability, then write in “None of the above”.

We as a people will do just fine, if they have to do it all over again because of inconclusive results. We as a free citizenry must also brook NO interference from the courts this time around either.

Just a thought or two on how to “tame” big brother, and bring the nefarious and foul practices of the back room “old boy network” out of the shadows and into the cold light of day.

We as a nation deserve, and rightfully require no less.