I is we and we is us and me is who and according to Bush he is the leader of the PRC. I don’t know if this is a Pogo Cartoon or an Abbot and Costello Routine, and frankly I don’t much care.
I care that Caroline Kennedy came out in support of Obama. I loved JFK but dammit, I resent anyone comparing anyone to him, even if it is his daughter. I respected Caroline because she lost her Dad at a very early age but because of a really good, kind, thoughtful brother and a supportive mother, she carried on with grace and dignity. I am, of course, talking about her adult years, not the tragedy when she was six.
I care that Ted Kennedy came out in support of Obama. In my opinion TK is a great senator and his record of public service has fully atoned for his youthful stupidity on a New England Bridge. He is smart, politically savvy, and has done fine things during his years in the Senate. Strange, but I can’t think of one. Mmmmmmmmm, well, he’s rich and I don’t think his public service has been devoted to maintaining and increasing his wealth like Bush’s has. At least I don’t think so. MMMMmmmm. Rich is not a criteria for my admiration, especially as the Kennedy wealth was achieved thru commodity trading during prohibition, AKA Bootlegging. More mmmmmmmmmms. Well, I like Kennedy. His scandals have been those of the open zipper, not the warmongering murderer of our soldiers for personal gain and profit. Open zippers should be accounted in the debit column of private matters, not National Politics or Public Venues.
But now I find myself disagreeing with two people whom I like and admire, because I don’t give a shit if Obama says one or another pronoun. In fact, when he says “We” I see the shadow of Jesse Jackson (speaking of JJ, where’s he been during all these campaigns? Can it be that he is laying low waiting to pounce, or that he is hiding his behind-the-scenes machinations and waiting until his protoge achieves the objective Presidency?), the spectre of Louis Farakhan, and the blob of Al Sharpton lurking behind Barak.
He scares me because I come from Chicago and know the true evil of Jackson and others like him. To my mind, Obama is a spitting image wrapped in Harvard Law School. I wonder where he got the tuition–or was he gerrymandered in by Affirmative Action along with the famous “Hair on the Pepsi Can” Clarence. Maybe Jesse loaned it to him.
So, in good conscience, I have some big problems with the Kennedys’ support declarations, but they did get me thinking I may have misjudged Barak Obama.
After all, he bears my name…