Why is Ron Paul still in the GOP race? Follow the money

Three time Presidential loser Ron Paul is – technically – the last “anybody but Romney” contender left in the once crowded list of wannabes for the  GOP nomination of President.

Technically because Paul is not a contender.

He never was.

He’s lost twice before. He’s already lost this year.  That makes him a three-time loser.

He’s a boil on the American body politic, an irritant in a system where fringe candidates get more attention than they deserve while motivating a small, but loud and obstructionist army of ill-informed, largely ignorant supporters who will believe anything but the truth.

When former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich “unofficially” suspended his campaign Wednesday, Paul said he’s in the race to say, even if presumptive nominee Mitt Romney captures the delegates he needs to secure the nomination.

Said Paul this week:

We’re in the third lap of a mile race.  Who knows? Maybe someone will stumble. You can never tell.  If tomorrow Romney had the absolute number, I would continue in a modified way.

Mitt Romney could keel over from a heart attack tomorrow and Paul would still not get the nomination.  The GOP leadership has enough plans in pace to bring in someone — anyone — but Ron Paul.  Some flakes are too extreme even for the GOP.

Romney currently has 685 delegates, more than 10 times Paul’s 63.  The former Massachusetts governor is expected to reach the total he needs by late May or early June.

Paul admits he’s staying in the race for the money.  If he drops out of the race, he said, “you don’t get any money, you wind up with debt, and you don’t’ get those crowds coming out.”

Yep, it’s always about the money with Paul.  From his race-baiting newsletters to his “get rich” investment schemes, money has always been the driving force for his campaigns.  The claims of individual rights, civil liberties and strict adherence to the Constitution are merely props to support a money machine that has made he and his family rich over the years.

Capitol Hill Blue examined Paul’s financial reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and found he has a history of ending his Presidential campaigns with millions in the bank and then transferring those funds to one of his “foundations” that are used to employ family members and cronies and fund his lifestyle.

It’s a scam that has worked through the years and continues because of gullible supporters who are willing to contribute to failed campaigns that never stood a chance.

So Paul will remain in the race to milk every last dime possible from the weak-minded who embrace his failed ideas, false rhetoric and misleading hopes.

Writes Andy Wang of the Yahoo Contributor Network:

In actuality, Mitt Romney became the de facto Republican nominee for president when Santorum exited the race. But for some completely unapparent reason, Ron Paul and his campaign have refused to acknowledge what should be common and logical sense. Instead, they march onward with their futile and meaningless campaign while continuing to immorally solicit donations from their similarly blinded supporters.

Immoral?  Ron Paul? God, that will send his hysterical supporters into screaming fits.  Wang had best change the route he takes to works.  Paul’s rapid supporters like to threaten those who dare question the veracity of Saint Paul.

Paul claims he is staying in the race and will not release his delegates because his collection of less than 10 percent will “have an impact on the convention and the platform.”

They won’t.

It’s all part of the con.

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  1. I cannot make myself clear on this point. We, who have been members of CHB for years, welcome comments and opinions from Doug. Sometimes we agree and other times we don’t. It’s his site and we know it.

    But when he insults us for promoting or supporting a candidate that he dislikes, it is not the candidate he attacks but us supporters. Many Paul supporters have done the research on his agenda and it does not mean we worship or give our souls up to the man. We have one member of Reader Rant who has spent many years studying the words of Paul and has brought these words to the forum for debate. They hate him.

    Doug on the other hand sprays us all with acid for our interest in another point of view. The problem is that this Primary brought out a new agenda in order to bring Obama down. It was an agenda based on a combination Catholic – Evangelical agenda of bringing the Constitution into a Christian document. Many of us figured that Paul would back away from this assault on many Americans but he did not and accepted the new rules. His action also made us realize there was no other candidate in the running for us.

    My attitude is always to find another party that spoke to all of us. I did this in 64 with Goldwater and again in 92 with Perot. I did not waste my time tearing down and degrading anyone who chose to stay with an unpopular agenda and went to work searching for a new party.

    In my world it looks as if Doug goes off on a tangent to beat the hell out of a dead horse and all those who support him. I work too hard to be called “overacting” on any political issue.

    My attitude has always been to tell Doug to “give it your best shot” and he usually does. It is when he insults the hell out of those of us who work for a fix instead of insulting the opinions of others.

    Doug is not alone and many on Reader Rant spend 90% of their time and forum space tearing down each other. Trying to promote individual rights and opinions has become insulting me for being an idealist. I am! I want the best for Washington D.C. and everyone on the forum. The word “individual” rings as if I were talking about disregarding others who simply hang on. I do.

    To me, a collective is simply a conglomeration of individuals. I’m not supposed to think like that. I must remain one of the bunch and follow along in that capacity. When my own monitor insults me daily and then by the head honcho here, it is time for me to get out.

    I understand your rage Chief but I am not the one to blame for the problem. I have no idea how to fix the problem in America but I am willing to work as a team to try and fix it. We must get religion out of our politics and do something about the academics for the next generation. First action is to stop these wars and bring all our soldiers home to fix the families across America.

    I do have some qualified men who will work for this fix but not until the anger diminishes and the people want the change. I will never again bring a candidate anywhere near CHB. It would be like taking a poodle to a dog training school through a series of dog fights.

    • [sigh] Sandy, you’re missing the point. If I have a problem with you personally, I will tell you directly. I have a problem with many Ron Paul supporters, which is what I said. If you see yourself in that group, I’m sorry but that is your interpretation of what I said, not mine.

      If you consider yourself a “typical” Ron Paul supporter then I’m disappointed. I never considered you typical.

      I cannot accept the fact that working for Ron Paul is an attempt to fix the situation because I feel that anyone who buys into the Ron Paul con is being had. That is my opinion and I have not found anyone who can present any evidence that suggests I am wrong.

      You took it upon yourself to feel insulted and to also claim I insulted Jim, who did not share your opinion. In my opinion you overreacted. You’ve dug yourself into a hole that is getting deeper each time you try to explain your way out.

  2. Doug, as evident from the many RP supporters that have posted, you dare not question anything about that odd little old man Rep Ron Paul. Not his defense of Iran, not his voting record or any of the many bigoted-racist newsletters he claims to be totally oblivious to. If you do question any of Ron Paul’s views you will be met with a hail of arrogant insults from these keyboard warriors accusing you of being a fool, a sheep, a warmonger, or an un-American liberty hating commie.

    I must admit they are indeed a dedicated bunch and it is why they have earned the name “Paulbots”. They spam the internet anywhere they can, targeting social networks and news sites everywhere. They create multiple accounts using anonymous handles on any web site where they might get away with creating false accounts. Look on any message board, news site or opinion piece where some negative is posted about Ron Paul and you will find that 9 out of 10 comments are by crazed Paulbots insulting anyone who voices even the slightest disagreement.

    What Ron Paul attracts is not very pleasant to say the least. These folks, the Paulbots, truly believe that Ron Paul is the savior of us all. Yes sir, Paulbots are indeed a hilarious bunch in believing that RP could ever be President! 🙂

    Talking with a Ron Paul supporter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EQSOwgWG1c

    • Bill:

      I think that if you look at many of the comments posted here you find that too many of those that Ron Paul attracts are seldom coherent and often hyperbolic. 😉

  3. Not sure what you’re talking about in this blog post. But I guess anyone can post a blog. You’re disregard for the truth and ad homenum attack on Ron Paul’s supporters would be insulting… except when you consider the source. You’re not a very good writer and not actually a journalist. Sad.

    • You have your opinion, I have mine. The difference is that what you say I’m not has given me a very good living for nearly 50 years. What have you done with your life? Post drive-bys on a news web site?

      By the way, this is a news site, not a blog. Learn the difference and you might be ready to play in this league.

  4. i stopped reading at “Three time Presidential loser Ron Paul is – technically – the last “anybody but Romney”” this is the worst propaganda iv seen since the news in ussr.

  5. Great article, Doug. Ron Paul is a snake-oil salesman and so is his son, Rand. They’re both so fake the styofoam is showing through.

  6. Come on Doug. I have been in and out of the Ron Paul support group for years. He has been consistent in his small government desires until he went into the GOP side of the fight. You know my positions of wanting a separation of church and state so I backed out of his group again. You also know my agenda has never changed from wanting individual rights for all Americans. This does not make me stupid or tainted in any way. I was supposed to be in Las Vegas from May 4th through the 6th as a delegate for the LP. I cancelled my trip as the LP is no better or worse than the other two. But damnit, Chief, they never insulted my reasons for involvement. CHB has gotten so damn nasty anout anyone having an opinion other than the same old two party system that the whole system lost me.

    I am not changing my position on individual rights for all Americans just to suit some hillbillies who can’t come up with an agenda of their own.

    CHB is starting to sound and look like Glen Beck was hired this year. My point of view with respect to Ron Paul is very typical among many. He changes his direction because he had to to stay within the limits of the GOP. He was the last one who wanted individual rights and he blew it for votes. I backed out which makes me atypical but you blast away anyway. I am a Secular Humanist which means I believe in Evolution and have since I was 9 years old. I do not stay with any candidate or any party that believes on the occult side of the road.

    Damn right I over react when Americans are labeled, catagorized and classified by anyone who has yet to come up with an agenda. I have found nothing to replace my agenda and I see no need to try. You can jump around like Mexican jumping beans to put words on your home page but nothing fits for me. I have a couple of newly married grandkids and I take it as a responsibility to keep their rights open and free. I do not speak as a single woman on a rant. I have a growing family to protect and obviously this is not respected here.

    Ron Paul failed me during this primary but I will never give up searching for another point of view elsewhere. I know better than to bring anyone other than the same old same old crap here. You are not the only playground for our presentations of party affiliations.

    When it comes down to the final mess, I am very typical of pissed off voters who cannot take the courage to find a message of change without making a compromise of our convictions. Remember convictions? Naw, you don’t recognize the word….

    • Sorry, but I’ve never bought into the notion that racking up delegate counts in a handful of caucus states is worth anything. And being compared to Warren G. Harding is hardly a compliment (even though Harding was the first newspaperman elected president).

      In the end Paul won’t have enough delegates to matter now matter how it is spun. He’s toast and will have no role or impact on the convention.

      The International Business Times? Sort of NewsMax meets The Daily Caller. Good propaganda for partisans but not much news.

      As for the 55-gallon drum, no big deal. It’s easy to rile the gullibles. No real challenge. 🙂

      • I only just happened across the IBT today… seems pretty legit, and it had the story I was looking for as a reference on the delegate count. As I looked at it a little more after your post, I don’t find the right wing slant you seem to imply means its delegate story is not factual. I suppose that means all the other news outlets running that same story are similarly biased?

        As for the delegate count and its implications, I know that goes against your previous stance in several articles you have written, and you may be proven correct that it won’t make any difference at all in the final analysis.

        The notion, however, that what RP does with his campaign contributions is “technically legal… It borders on illegality but not enough to cause major concern from a law enforcement agency” is, of course, laughable, were it not coming from someone who has another article on the CHB front page lauding his own journalistic professionalism.

        Get a little perspective, dude… drain your own ethical swamp.

        • As the byline to the article clearly states, this piece is “commentary.” Commentary is opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

          I base my opinion of Ron Paul from more than four decades in journalism and politics, including too many years of dealing with his laughable “staff” while working on Capitol Hill in the early 1980. He was a joke then, he’s a joke now. I’ve also made it clear that I think the other choices in this pitiful race are also jokes.

          Others have their opinions, I have mine. My grandaddy used to say “opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and what comes out them stinks to high heaven.” 🙂

  7. Whoa!…CHB really got interesting there!…Sandy, thanks for what you wrote, but I did not feel insulted by Doug’s remarks at all…I know you have a soft spot in your heart for Ron Paul, but I’m afraid I don’t have the same feelings for the candidate.

    Doug, I can understand that you must be a bit of an iconoclast and follow the truth no matter what dark alleyways it takes you into. And, maybe that’s the only way to retain credibility. Maybe that’s why so many people are attracted to, read, and seem to be influenced by CHB.

    I agree all the candidates are flawed…that’s the human condition…and we give our support, in most cases, to the one we feel tips the balance most positively. For me that is good enough. And that is because…to paraphrase Groucho Marx: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

    Lastly, very interesting to read about the many people who try to carpet-bomb this site with propaganda about their candidate.

    • Jim:

      Thanks for the comments. Sandy tends to overreact. My comments about Ron Paul supporters referred to the “typical” Paulite. If Sandy was offended by that it was the first time I have ever known her to consider herself typical. 🙂

      Another typical tactic of the Paul Propagandists: If a web site does not immediate approve their comments they start screaming “censorship” and denial of “freedom of speech.” All first time posters here go into moderation and it took our editors a while to go through them all and separate the real comments from the spam.

      But that simple fact appears elusive to those who claim they were censored when — in fact — they were not but why should they let facts get in the way of a conspiracy theory. 😉

      • You’re welcome, Doug!….Whoa!…Looks like you opened a type of Pandora’s box to give us all a glimpse into what you have to deal with on a day-by-day basis. You have my sympathies!…Seriously!

        RE: the conspiracy theories that so many people seem to latch on to…sometimes I wonder if that is stoked by our culture. Many fictional books and movies have it as a theme or part of the plot. In those media, the character is treated as if they are nuts by the establishment when from the reader’s/viewer’s perspective the main character is witnessing the truth. And, in response to that, the establishment attempts to cover it (the truth) up. Maybe, exposure to these types of themes/plots can cause a person to believe this is what is happening most/all the time in real life.

        Yet, complicating all of this is this sticky issue — Sometimes, there are bona fide cases of cover up in real life…therefore, unfortunately, that adds more fever and distress to an impressionable or agitated mind.

        Well, Doug, I hope you keep this article and its comments up for a while….it’s going to take some of us a while to read it all.

        Lastly, re: your opening of this Pandora’s box of comments, did you find the angel of hope alive but shaken in one of its corners?

  8. You may as well delete the comment section on this page and any others on this site in order to save the trouble (and moral ambiguity) of having to delete comments that disagree with you. How pathetic.

    • And what comments were deleted Zach? I noted that the spam filter removed those with obscenities and mass mailings from a single computer. But I see more than 55 comments, many of them disagreeing with my position on Saint Paul.

      Are you in an alternative universe somewhere? 🙂

  9. Maybe the entire party needs to be insulted. We don’t ever take blame for any of our screw ups and throw stones at the other side doing the same thing. I used to say I was part of the Republican party until John McCain. This election drives it home for me. Our Republican party is going to put up against President Obama one of the runner up’s in the last election. And expect to win! The same guy who crafted a top down approach to health care system! The same guy that used be pro-choice. Used to be pro-abortion! Im still a Republican but not sure what I call this farce we have now. You guys tear down Ron Paul but turn your guns off to the real devils.

  10. To be fair, at least Paul is seeing it through to the end. Santorum and Gingrich have both “suspended” their campaigns, which means they will still technically be running for president so they don’t have to pay for any of their campaign debts. They just take the donations and go home. So, at *least* Paul is using campaign donations to pay off debt before putting the remainder in his pocket.

  11. I have no problem with you taking on the strengths or weaknesses of any candidate or group of candidates but when you insult people who read you and take the trouble to reply and call us insulting names, it comes off as a personal attack at your members here. After trying to stay within the GOP for more years than I account for, and trying to figure out where Ron Paul goes from any place in the political picture and we end up being called names from you, then I revolt!

    I’ve never agreed with you politically but until this morning, I respected you as a journalist. If I wanted to be insulted I would go back to Etherzone. I’m furious with Paul for going back to the GOP as that bunch insults the entire party.

  12. LOL your a joke, only thing your trying to do is get attention from the Paul supporters with this piece. No wonder anyone else won’t give you the attention your looking for, I mean all you have to do is read this article and the reasons become obvious…….lame junk hit piece just trying to generate some traffic on your site. FYI and these are actual facts. With out the Fed you would no longer have to deal with endless wars because our govt wouldn’t be able to fund it, you would most likely curb inflation and the devaluation of our dollar ( that’s a bad thing, had to point that out since you obviously defend the current system) you would get rid of the inflation tax, yes its real and does exist, you would stop the expansion of the federal govt, well because….once again it wouldn’t be able to fund its expansion through the fed, you would not have had the bailouts and would no longer have the to big to fail crap you support. Yes these would all be gone with the removal of the FED because the other way would be to tax us and that prob wouldn’t go to well. So with those facts stated it should be pretty obvious that Paul is the only one who understands where the majority of our problems come from. But most likely you’ll just laugh at this until that bubble in the bond and debt/dollar pops and even then you won’t understand

  13. So it’s come to this? A photo-shop picture and language taken from a school playground. FYI, Ron Paul won the delegation in Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri, and will likely sway unbound Santorum delegates. You are kept in the dark like anyone else as to the REAL numbers because if you saw the REAL numbers your corporate pimps could not count on you to write articles like this. My comment will likely be removed, but if Dougy puts down his iPhone long enough to read it, that’s good enough for me.

  14. The articles of confederation failed because the states were not powerful enough to hold their own and effectively run themselves. Your meager attempt to twist our history in a way to show Ron Paul’s ideas as a failure waiting to happen. How ignorant of you.

    FUTHERMORE, Ron Paul is not a flake. Where’s my proof? His voting record actually BACKS UP what he believes unlike many candidates we have been forced to choose from for decades. Stop this propaganda, please and thanks.

  15. So…Barry said he was “going to bring the troops home, everyone of them”. Blatant lie #1. Barry promised to close gitmo. Blatant lie #2. Barry promised to veto the NDAA…he then signed it into law. Blatent lie #3. Barry promised to never use the ‘Bush-Era’ signing statemets…Blatent lie #4. Barry then attached a signing statement to the NDAA he promised to Veto…(wonderful combo of #3 & #4). Then there’s fast and furious scandles, all the republican fuled & Barry continued wall street bailouts, even though he tells us he is looking out for the midle class…he wants to now keep us entangled in Afganastan until 2024, is threatening to veto CISPA, but how can we believe him after all of these other lies? Am I missing something? Did he not resign the patrot act in both 2009 & 2011 after campaigning on the other broken promise of NoT resigning that POS legislation….then there’s the crap anti protester bill he passed, hr347, and the crap ass national emergency prepardness executive order…AND THE LIST GOES ON. Please defend these broken promises of Barrys, if possible, without degrading yourself to juvinile name-calling and insults, and please keep it to the facts, as I just have. I guess Barry supporters, it turns out, really don’t care about out unjust warefare based foreign policy as they did when DubYa Schrub was POTUS. The Patriot Act and the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians was bad when Bush did it, but Boy is this fun when Barry’s dropping he bombs and setting us americans up for future imprisonment witout due-process! UnFakinReal. Biggest piece of crap article I’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of actually reading. Ethics. They are important, and this author needs to figure out how to aquire some. For some reason I highly doubt this will be allowed to be posted.

  16. Our anti-spam filters look af far more fhan jusf IP addresses fhe free email services. We look at the IPs of fhe originating computers and we know the IPs of the Paul campaign offices so it is no surprise thaf tbose IP addresses keep popping up soon Nice try Woody but my mama drowned the dumb ones. 🙂

    • What Doug is saying, is that Free speech only works for him when it is in complete agreement with his pathetic views.

    • And really, since when is the campaign and its supporters trying to respond to an utterly one-sided hit piece considered “Spam”? Again, writer admits opposing views are not welcome. Why have a comments section at all then?

      • Opposing views are always welcome, as long as they are not filled with obscenities or threats.

        Tell me Eric. If opposing views are not welcome, then why are yours here? Oh, I forgot. You claimed they were deleted. Yet here they are. Did you forget how to use the “refresh” button on your browser? 🙂

  17. Notice the writer couldn’t manage to attack a single one of Ron Paul’s policies, but rather resorted to the same media hit piece strategies utilized against Ron Paul in this entire election.

    Ron continues to run because (if you read a little more into this than you obviously have) he still has a chance at the nomination, because the delegate count is a mere projection, and Ron was in second place delegate wise when Santorum left the race, not fourth. Ironic that you refer to Paul supporters as brainwashed, when you clearly buy the MSM propaganda hook, line & sinker.

    Delegates aside, Ron has been the only Rep. candidate who has been beating Obama in national polls throughout the primary process, though the MSM loves to ignore and marginalize that fact as well. Romney has only risen sort of above Obama in one recent poll, now that more people are starting to accept that he is the “de facto nominee” as they are being spoon fed by the media, and media wannabes like Doug Thompson.

    So, apart from having the ONLY plan to cut spending, reduce the deficit, bring the troops home, and end the unconstitutional sanctioned counterfeit operation at the federal reserve, Ron Paul is the only candidate in the GOP race that can beat Obama.

    But hey, if the country wants Obamney, we’ll accept that, and start working towards the next time around, continue donating our money towards a worthy cause, and continue sculpting the political landscape. It unfortunately means Goldmans Sachs VS Goldman Sachs in the general election this time around, which means your vote makes absolutely no difference, and you can look forward to 4-8 more years of bailouts, foreign aid, and other forms of corporate welfare, that may end up collapsing the dollar and putting us at the mercy of the world banks, and whatever new world currency they decide to try to force upon us.

    Anyway, I know my logic and reason will fall on utterly deaf ears here, but there it is none the less. I suggest the author take some time to read more about Ron Paul (and the movement he represents, because it is SO much more than Ron Paul, make no mistake), from some more diverse sources, because up to now, it is clear that Mr. Thompson has done nothing but aggregate hit piece talking points in order to slander the one candidate who is for the people, and not for the bankers.

    This article reeks of fear. Fear of the revolution, of the people taking the power back from the government. The fear of people knowing their rights as granted by the Constitution of the United States. The same fear Lincoln had of secession that caused him to partake in civil war and murder Americans to “save the Union” so he could continue to pickpocket Americans and hand the money to the banks and corporations.

    The fear of an idea whose time has come.

  18. Ron Paul is already a multi-millionaire. So I find it hard to believe he’s in it to just line his pockets. I donate money to him and have no problem with it. He’s the guy that most closely represents my views so I support his continuing to spread the message of liberty and limited government. He’s gotten me to be more active locally and I see those ideas growing here and other parts of the country. I would say most supporters know that there is probably no path to the presidency for Paul. So there is no con. That would imply deception. Paul will be a three time loser on the biggest stage but the political wake he leaves behind will have a lasting impact.

  19. This is a truly eye-opening article. Please note that before you read any further of my comment, please know that I am not a fervent Paul supporter, and I just want someone in the White House that won’t have a horrible foreign policy or too many “tax cuts” without real spending cuts.

    You were very unfair, and you took some of these quotes out of context. His “racist newsletters” publishing was not his focus; he spent most of his time editing the economic section of his newspaper. He probably didn’t look over any other part of the newspaper.

    Also, he’s not in the presidential race for the money. He is in the race so that can press his ideals to the mainstream Republicans, and eventually gain their support, because he even said that he was “trying to save the Republican Party!”

    He knows he probably won’t win. But that doesn’t matter, because if he gets a large portion of the youth vote, he gets the future of the Republican Party.

  20. Too bad your a writer. if you think a two party system with Obama and Romney is the way you are sad. Very sad. You are not very bright. re-read this over and over. You are obviously brainwashed. probably filled with fair. think our economic system is correct? killing children is ok? You are a failure.

  21. Jesus, could you be more jealous? We know you’re a failed political science major who wasted a degree. Why? Because you’re stuck on this meaningless rag of a site “working” as a blogger. How sad are you? I’m sorry that Ron Paul’s supporters are so far above you politically, intellectually, and morally, but need you write such embarrassing drivel? Damn, get a job and get off the web. You’re pathetic.

  22. What the hell is this? Are you guys aware that Ron Paul is gaining delegates and winning states? All of you idiots just listen to the mainstream media and you buy into what this guy is telling you? Ron Paul CAN win. The mainstream media doesnt want you to know because we live in a disaster of a country. Get you’re knowledge straight then try to write an article. Because the only phony here is you.

  23. LOL your a joke, only thing your trying to do is get attention from the Paul supporters with this piece. No wonder anyone else won’t give you the attention your looking for, I mean all you have to do is read this article and the reasons become obvious…….lame junk hit piece just trying to generate some traffic on your site. FYI and these are actual facts. With out the Fed you would no longer have to deal with endless wars because our govt wouldn’t be able to fund it, you would most likely curb inflation and the devaluation of our dollar ( that’s a bad thing, had to point that out since you obviously defend the current system) you would get rid of the inflation tax, yes its real and does exist, you would stop the expansion of the federal govt, well because….once again it wouldn’t be able to fund its expansion through the fed, you would not have had the bailouts and would no longer have the to big to fail crap you support. Yes these would all be gone with the removal of the FED because the other way would be to tax the shit out of us and that prob wouldn’t go to well. So with those facts stated it should be pretty obvious that Paul is the only one who understands where the majority of our problems come from. But most likely you’ll just laugh at this until that bubble in the bond and debt/dollar pops and even then you won’t understand. But anyways trying to generate traffic on your website from the Paul supporters with this lame hit piece…….that’s your con

  24. LOL your a joke, only thing your trying to do is get attention from the Paul supporters with this piece. No wonder anyone else won’t give you the attention your looking for, I mean all you have to do is read this article and the reasons become obvious…….lame junk hit piece just trying to generate some traffic on your site. FYI and these are actual facts. With out the Fed you would no longer have to deal with endless wars because our govt wouldn’t be able to fund it, you would most likely curb inflation and the devaluation of our dollar ( that’s a bad thing, had to point that out since you obviously defend the current system) you would get rid of the inflation tax, yes its real and does exist, you would stop the expansion of the federal govt, well because….once again it wouldn’t be able to fund its expansion through the fed, you would not have had the bailouts and would no longer have the to big to fail crap you support. Yes these would all be gone with the removal of the FED because the other way would be to tax the shit out of us and that prob wouldn’t go to well. So with those facts stated it should be pretty obvious that Paul is the only one who understands where the majority of our problems come from. But most likely you’ll just laugh at this until that bubble in the bond and debt/dollar pops and even then you won’t understand

  25. Doug, all this vitriol coming from the editor so lacking in journalistic integrity he once wrote DUHbya once called the Constitution a G–Da–ed piece of paper without verifying his source for an incendiary quote, one that is STILL widely quoted, I might add. And the reason we should believe anything you say is what?

    I have followed Ron Paul’s career for 20+ years and have published much of what he has written. Ron Paul is one of the few in Congress that actually cares about what is happening in America. He has more integrity, decency and intelligence in his little finger than you do in your entire rotten carcass! Climb back in your bottle and fade away. You are letting your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird @$$!

  26. The tagline of this site reads:

    “Because nobody’s life, liberty, or property is safe while Congress is in session or the White House is occupied.”

    Sounds like something Ron Paul would say.

    Either Mr. Thompson is on the wrong site or he is a raging hypocrite.


    You are a digrace to human race. How dare you post a composed picture to insult a senior. You can keep your opinion inside you, instead of misleading all the readers. When you say three time loser, that only relates to you. Please have a little bit human soul. Many people wake up this year due to Ron Paul’s persistency.

    Why you want Paul out so much? That only tells me your evil soul.

    People like you, make this country sink.

    May GOD judge you right one day. May GOD bless Ron Paul and this country.

  28. Mr. Thompson, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent article were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who reads this is now dumber for having read to it. I award you no credibility, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    But really, your article is unsubstantiated and total crap.

  29. Dear Writer,

    You wrote this article, so that means it maters to you a lot more than other people who didn’t move a finger.

    But by publishing this article and writing it doesn’t matter you do raise doubts about your sanity and/or self-denial among readers.

    With Peace,
    A fellow Ron Paul Supporter

  30. Not to rain on your hate parade, but RP is a very successful Doctor who graduated from Duke’s medical school. You will find that the salary he draws is much smaller than the salary he could draw if he returned to his practice. He also refuses to accept his Congressional pension and is one of only a couple of legislators who returns part of his congressional office budget back to the gov.

    Clearly this post won’t mean anything to you because if you were actually interested in reporting the truth, a few minutes on google would have demonstrated how absurd your article is.

    Does it not seem odd to you that hundreds of thousands of people support the ideas of Ron Paul? Supporters for his ideas come from all backgrounds and professions and it seems very ignorant to just discount all of them as fringe. A couple minutes of research would show you some of the smartest people in the world actually endorse Ron Paul- Jim Grant the world famous and respected bond investor who runs Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, or Bill Gross who runs PIMCO, or Jim Rogers the famed investor, or Peter Thiel cofounder of Paypal and financier of Facebook, or Nassim Taleb famous for shorting the mortgage backed securities, etc, etc.. I could go on all day. It seems ridiculous to suggest these people are fringe, or dumb, or crazy.

    To me this is what’s fringe:
    -Indefinite war (when does terrorism lose?)
    -Indefinite detention of American citizens in America without trial
    -Assassination of American citizens
    -Government funded bailout of failed companies
    -massive deficits with no plan to remedy it but more debt
    -War on Drugs (failed policy much? I thought we tried that with alcohol)
    -abandonment of constitution
    -centrally fixed interest rates determined by FEDs instead of free market (I thought it was decided communism does not work..)
    -a two tier system in which government is above the law but citizens are not

    But maybe I’m a sick freak who should lock myself in my basement, wear a tin foil fat, and prepare for the “Mayan calendar” for even wanting to question the status quo. Then you can keep on ignoring the realities of the world around you and not have to be reminded of the financial collapse occurring in Eurozone and its eventual arrival to the US of A.

    “Truth is treason in an empire of lies”

  31. The rebuttal to both Jim and my replies is a personal insult to both of us. It wasn’t even worthy of being done under Doug Thompson’s name.

    I mentioned last week that Reader Rant and the home page were stuck in a singular attack against anyone or any subject that left the standard two-party system. I am not gullible, nor am I a con artist. But in the eyes of CHB I am classified as both.

    What CHB forgets is that after the Civil War, the GOP was the new party to deal with. But I have no time to go into a history class of how America deals in political debate.

    CHB just dropped out of the debate. Reader Rant is on the edge of the same problem. I gave up beating dead horses when I supported Perot. I can only imagine that had CHB been around in 1992, Perot would have taken the same abuse.

    • Sorry Sandy but I cannot disagree more. You’ve been around here long enough to know that Capitol Hill Blue plays no favorites, holds allegiance to no political party and doesn’t care for any of the candidates in the race this year — including the monumental failure currently holding the office of President.

      Just because I don’t buy into the Ron Paul messiah nonsense is no indicator that I support — or give a damn about — any of the other candidates and any one who thinks so is a fool. The stories on this web site are filled with articles that question the veracity, qualifications and honesty of every one of the candidates for office.

      So cut the crap. Yes, I think Ron Paul is a phony and a con artist but I also think the current political system is a failure and have said so more times than you have posted one of your “I’m leaving and never coming back” rants. If it is an insult to be considered gullible for backing Paul then so be it. You’re hardly alone. As the primaries show, Paul has conned about 10-12 percent of the electorate into voting for him and about the same percentage into sending him money.

      Barack Obama pulled off even bigger con in the 2008 election. The only difference is that he succeeded because he’s both a better politician and a better con man than Ron Paul.

      Ron Paul has no interest in saving America. He only wants to line his pockets. That’s my take on him and I have yet to see one shred of evidence to suggest that I’m wrong.

      But no one else in the race today gives a damn about America either. They’re in it for ego and power. All have their own hidden agendas.

      It doesn’t matter who wins in November because — in the end — the rest of us lose.

      • I just tried to leave a post with evidence that you are wrong and you did not approve it. There were no factual inaccuracies and there was nothing inappropriate. You just don’t want to see a shred of evidence, and when you do, you just ignore it.

        I’m sure you’ll delete this too as you don’t seem to want any comments that demonstrate how inaccurate and poorly researched this article is as then you may be seen as what you are: a fraud.

      • “It doesn’t matter who wins in November because — in the end — the rest of us lose.”

        Why do you even bother writing this crap then? You’ve resigned to a fate where the people lose, and yet you attack the only candidate who has a plan to save the dollar and the people. Foolish.

  32. So, the person that urges for limited government, transparency and free market is being disparaged on a site that has “Because nobody’s life, liberty or property are safe while Congress in session or the White House is occupied” under its title?

    That makes a lot of sense… Paul has the cleanest financial record on the books, get a grip.

    You’re a hack, establishment writer that is ill-informed, largely ignorant, and will publish anything but the truth.

  33. Wow!…That was an eye-opening article!…I’m surprised the following Paul practice is legal:

    “Capitol Hill Blue examined Paul’s financial reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and found he has a history of ending his Presidential campaigns with millions in the bank and then transferring those funds to one of his “foundations” that are used to employ family members and cronies and fund his lifestyle.”

    Sounds like a practice that Congress should get on top of and prohibit. It’s certainly not ethical, but, I suppose, that is more than likely a mosquito-size dilemma for Paul.

    My favorite quote above all, and it’s a quote that sums it Paul up very nicely is this: “He’s a boil on the American body politic…”

    On top of keeping all that money at the end of the campaign, he’ll have a bit of time after the November election to spend time with his favorite hobby — write a few doomsday letters to his followers — this time focusing on the end of the Mayan calendar. He can then urge his followers to buy dehydrated food and other survivor products from companies he recommends (and may have an interest in). 🙂

    • What Paul is doing is technically legal. It borders on illegality but not enough to cause major concern from a law enforcement agency. Besides, if people are stupid enough to waste money on Paul cons then they deserve to lose their cash.

      Perhaps nothing better illustrates the IQ level and demeanor of the typical Paul supporter than the hoards who try to spam our system with obscenity-laced tirades — all hidden under anonymous “handles” of course — decrying how we are violating their freedom of speech by not allowing them to post any thing they want in the comments sections.

      Typical ignorance. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with the comments section of a privately-owned web site but they are too dumb to know that. They also think our system can’t catch the multiple comments sent from a common IP address — using different free email account names. Just more phony tactics from a phony campaign touting phony ideals. If people weren’t so gullible, con artists like Ron Paul wouldn’t survive.

      • This is my first time here, but given the abysmal level of discourse here, mostly thanks to the author, I won’t be returning. I’m sure you don’t care. Have fun living in your own head.

      • Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail, etc. use a limited range of IP’s for their email services and route many of them via the same IP gateways so it isn’t entirely impossible for these to be legitimate haters as they each have hundreds of millions of users.

      • My comments are not obscenity-laced tirades, and yet they are still awaiting moderation while you continue to make obnoxious comments in this one-sided discussion. You may as well write all your articles and all your comments. Then all would be right in your little bubble of a world.

  34. I would hardly call Congressman Paul a flake. He has a strong political agenda quite different from many others and one that Doug Thompson has never wanted. Many of us try so hard to keep on top of the many reasons Americans run for office. The list of their reasons is a never-ending list of crazy notions trying to convince others that their reasons are the only ones to lead America.

    Ron Paul wants the people of America to become more involved in the operation of the government. The only indication that Dr. Paul could ever have become a “flake” is when he threw away his agenda and became a Republican.

    Chief, how can we, who read your words, possibly have to choose between two parties currently leading the elections at this time? We have the left who wants more government involvement in our daily lives making us believe that we can survive as a nation only under the safety net of big government; and the right who insists that we become believers that America is under the leadership of the biggest occult group of leaders using the fear of God in order to survive.

    In the background behind these two ridiculous government plans runs a growing group of Independents who want the government to stop fighting each other and start pulling rank in leading us out of these wars and cut back on the cost of these wars based on the belief that America is an Empire, not a Republic.

    I listened to a speaker this morning who talked about the cost of our hiring men to fight for us in the Middle East. Apparently our own soldiers are not holding up to the ravages of war and we search for fighters who will do it for money. They are not trained to be team members but simply mercenaries.

    This must be addressed as part of why America can no longer fight for the nation. I wish I had the time to research this subject. A couple of years ago Hal Brown and I touched on this subject but it went nowhere. This is what Ron Paul should have done except the hiring of men to fight for America came out of the Bush 43 Administration and his hands are tied now that he is a Republican.

    • Sorry Sandy, but Ron Paul is a flake or worse.

      His positions is for a “libertarian” government that has been tried and was a utter failure. He wants the federal government to be responsible for national defense, and little else. Our Articles of Confederation put the feds in charge of national defense, a single monetary system, foreign policy, and relations with the “western territories.” I.e. the Indian tribes.

      There was no taxing authority and no regulatory powers and the system was a complete failure after only a few years in practice. If such a system was not viable in a nation of less than four million people with a simple agrarian economy how could it succeed in a modern nation of more than 300 million people with the most-complicated economy ever developed?

      Paul wants to go back to the method of taxation under the original Constitution. That is lunacy as pointed out in a book at:


      Search for “Saving America.

  35. Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

    Here it is in the preface of his book: Revolution: A Manifesto

    Every election cycle we are treated to candidates who promise us “change,” and 2008 has been no different. But in the American political lexicon, “change” always means more of the same: more government, more looting of Americans, more inflation, more police-state measures, more unnecessary war, and more centralization of power.

    Real change would mean something like the opposite of those things. It might even involve following our Constitution. And that’s the one option Americans are never permitted to hear….

    With national bankruptcy looming, politicians from both parties continue to make multi-trillion dollar promises of “free” goods from the government, and hardly a soul wonders if we can still afford to have troops in – this is not a misprint – 130 countries around the world. All of this is going to come to an end sooner or later, because financial reality is going to make itself felt in very uncomfortable ways. But instead of thinking about what this means for how we conduct our foreign and domestic affairs, our chattering classes seem incapable of speaking in anything but the emptiest platitudes, when they can be bothered to address serious issues at all. Fundamental questions like this, and countless others besides, are off the table in our mainstream media, which focuses our attention on trivialities and phony debates as we march toward oblivion.

    This is the deadening consensus that crosses party lines, that dominates our major media, and that is strangling the liberty and prosperity that were once the birthright of Americans. Dissenters who tell their fellow citizens what is really going on are subject to smear campaigns that, like clockwork, are aimed at the political heretic. Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

    There is an alternative to national bankruptcy, a bigger police state, trillion-dollar wars, and a government that draws ever more parasitically on the productive energies of the American people. It’s called freedom. But as we’ve learned through hard experience, we are not going to hear a word in its favor if our political and media establishments have anything to say about it.

    If we want to live in a free society, we need to break free from these artificial limitations on free debate and start asking serious questions once again. I am happy that my campaign for the presidency has finally raised some of them. But this is a long-term project that will persist far into the future. These ideas cannot be allowed to die, buried beneath the mind-numbing chorus of empty slogans and inanities that constitute official political discourse in America.

    That is why I wrote this book.

    ~ Ron Paul

  36. The criminal propagandists are panicking.
    Pulling out all the stops now. From referring to the racist newsletter smear which even the MSM won’t touch anymore for fear of looking stupid to quoting a “Yahoo contributor” for corroboration, wow, that’ll sure give Ron Paul what-for.
    Thompson can’t wait to sell out his country and compatriots to become a slave in a genocidal one world corporate government; he can’t WAIT. His masters promised him a bone.
    There’s a good lapdog.

  37. Thanks on filtering my post out of the system even though there was nothing wrong and it wasn’t spam.

  38. Woah there Doug. What a worthless rant, I hope you haven’t convinced yourself otherwise. You don’t like Ron Paul, we get it. Why don’t you try challenging him on the issues, instead of your delusional theories.

  39. You said so yourself in the article above and it’s been publicly known from the beginning that he WOULD NOT drop out of the race. Dirty tactics dude…

  40. If he is so little of a threat, why the big fuss? Why are numbers being tampered with and the voting process being messed with by the GOP?

    The election is being tampered with. Proof:





    Also, why was this message by the First Vice Chairman of the NY Republican Party sent out to NY state voters LYING to the people?:


    You guys are scared.

    • Oh I’m quaking in my boots. Funny thing, though. All that fear hasn’t affected my sleep. 😉

  41. You sound like a very angry person. Ron Paul is the only one among all these flip flops who has had the same message all along, a message about economy, foreign policy and our liberties that HAD proven to have been right. A failed economy, endless losing wars and less liberties is what GOP and Democrats have given us… So what is it that make you so excited about them?!

  42. Doug, what an exciting day! This article is going to be the first of many to begin the smear campaign of Dr. Ron Paul. He is in second place and you and all the status quo are frightened of his constitutional based crazy ideas! LOL! He is such a stark contrast to the status quo…An idea who’s time has come can NOT be stopped by any army or governement! God bless America and God Bless Dr. Ron Paul!!

    • Incredible. This has to be one of the most biased articles I have ever read. You should be ashamed of yourself. Journalism? I don’t think so. Who is signing your paycheck anyway. Open your ears… Take off the blinders… 4 more years of Obama? Really? 4 years of Mitt? (Which is Obama a little more tailored). How can you have so much hate for someone that actually cares about those losing their lives overseas fighting endless wars not to mention the toll it takes on their families. How about his consistency? Can you say that about Obama? How is that hope and change working out for you? One of the biggest reasons Ron Paul supporters will not vote for Romney is that we haven’t a clue where he stands on the most important issues because he keeps saying whatever the voting crowd wants to hear. I don’t care if Dr. Paul gets booed because of his beliefs. At least the man has principles and a backbone. If you really want freedom vote for Ron Paul. A man you can count on.

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