Since several people have mentioned Bill Richardson this mornig and the headlines this week have included several candidates throwing in the towel, perhaps the time is right to start this discussion.

What I would like to know is the following:

Who would you like to see run as an independent candidate?

Now this is a realistic question so let’s limit our responses to realistic answers.

I would appreciate if you would put your choice in the first line of your response as it makes it easy to count if this thread gets lengthy.

Afterwards I would like to know why you would like to see this person run as an independent and if you would honestly vote for this person in lieu of the Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian, etc. candidate.

I ask this because it has been said that a lot of people who say they support an independent party will in the end vote Democratic or Republican in fear of someone worse getting elected. So it is a resonable question.

Consider this a survey, so please let’s talk about who and what we like, NOT WHO AND WHAT WE DON’T LIKE.

Here are some names just to start this off: John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich (did I spell that right?), Joe Biden, Al Gore, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Michael Bloomberg, Stephen Colbert. (I include Stephen because he allegedly had his hat in the ring at one time.)


  1. Socialized medicine has never worked anywhere. It bankrups the country. When everyone gets optimal care at the expense of the federal government, everyone demands it. There becomes a shortage of doctors and nurses and medical ficilies to accomodate the influx of patients. Care is demished and hurried. The expenses cannot be maintained by the government.

    The American government has never been responsible to run anything cost effective. The fed gov is not suppose to be in the health care business. Entitalment programs are bad for out free market society.

    The health care system must stay in the hands of the consummer. Get government out! Open up the market and don’t tie health care policies to employment.

    There are affordable insurance polices out there and there would be more and the price would come down if healthcare insurace companies could work more freely and compete for individual policies on a nationwide basis.

    I don’t want fed gov in my healthcare business. I can do it on my own, just free up the market.

  2. Jim Webb-NO
    He raised taxes in Virginia as governor. His GI bill, S22, which was just passed,the bill is inflated/to generous, and packed with appropreations, and adds another agency, costing billions, to oversee the new educational benfits package. WRONG, the bill is wrong.

  3. No one.

    Anyone who runs as a third party will be more likely to have a drastically negative effect on the outcome than to actually get elected.

    What we need is for Ron Paul to say he’s going to run as a third party candidate. This would force the republican nominee to adopt some of his views in an attempt to win over some of his supporters who would be uncomfortable voting for him for fear of the democratic candidate winning. Then, shortly before the general election, Paul should back out, leaving an adjusted republican candidate and a democrat. This would allow Paul to influence the election (by influencing the republican candidate) without the risk causing the republican candidate to lose the election.

  4. “Can anybody help me out here?”

    Your best option is to start a blog of your own. Then readers interested in that particular topic will freely contribute. It doesn’t cost anything and is very easy to start.

    Since this is a thread about candidates it is doubtful you will find the answers you are looking for regarding the health care issue.

  5. Kucinich, Everything he wants to do, I want to see done. He would be a new direction.
    By the way, is there any Brits or Canadians out there who would like to tell me about universal health care? I can see where it could be really good if done right. A for profit system doesn’t seem to work well. In my mind doctors and people working in government should be first and foremost a humanitarian, with firm desire to serve his fellow man. My republican friends all seem to have a friend or two who are from those two countries who’ve had to come to the states to get reliable treatment or couldn’t stand the long wait involved. You hear words like rationing Etc.
    Can anybody help me out here?

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