It appears that many candidates today are running on FEAR.

This is very troubling.

Fear was used to manipulate the electorate in the past so I’m guessing they believe they can do it again.

I predict as we get closer to November the FEAR FACTOR will greatly increase.

So what can be done about this? Can we be proactive in addressing this issue.

I don’t believe our next President should be elected because people are afraid.

After all, look what happened the last time our country did that.


  1. “Absolutely nothing can be done at this point other than armed revolution”

    There was a time not too long ago (right after they reelected GW in 2004) that I might have agreed with you.

    I no longer believe that. Something must be done. And I believe we here at CHB have to brains to come up with constructive ideas to do just that.

    And even if we fail, well I would rather know that I stood up for what was right just like those who stood up against King George in 1776 than did nothing. I can no longer just obediently and blindly take it in the rear from the establishment. THAT IS NOT THE AMERICAN WAY!

  2. Hi pollchecker…

    In essence they’ve already won, it’s just a matter of time before they declare so right to our faces when martial law is declared. Then; “we the people” will be given our “marching orders”…!

    Absolutely nothing can be done at this point other than armed revolution and even that can’t work in our times because the military and quasi-military police forces they’ve built with our tax dollars over the years have truly become like the robot monsters from the future as in the “Terminator” series of movies.

    These elitist NWO/MIC/AIPAC sponsored madmen and women in DC evidently have a plan for us; ie., “we the malcontents”…no?! 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

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