Great stimulus package! Wait five months to supposedly fix an immediate crisis. They say, that due to this being a busy time for the IRS, people may not see these checks until June or later. But I have a better idea…

Give all taxpayers earning less than $100,000.00 last year tax immunity. That’s right…tax immunity. Just stroll down to your local H&R Block with your W-2, fill out a one page return, and have all your taxes from 2007 back in your wallet in 2 weeks.

This way, we don’t have to worry about the excessive burden on the IRS. Real money (well, as real as it gets today) would flow back into the economy almost immediately instead of in 6 months.

Although I will happily cash my check when it comes, we all know that, as one pundit described it, it is “nothing more than a welfare check”.

And let’s face it, our taxes only go to pay the interest on our mounting debt, which is so enormous as to be incomprehensible anyway.

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