Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote

I found parts of this really amazing and just how to share some of this incredulous stuff.

“You want us to invalidate a statute on the ground that it’s a minor inconvenience to a small percentage of voters?” asked Justice Anthony Kennedy, traditionally the swing vote between the court’s conservative and liberal members.

HEAVEN FORBID! The rights of the majority take precedence over the rights of ALL the citizens.

How true this is. Since GWB took over the WH, the only people that count are those who voted for GW.

“Instead of creating barriers to voting, people should be asking how to make it easier for people to vote who have the right to vote,” said Waldman. “Not everyone has a car. And if you don’t have a car, you don’t have a driver’s license.”

In New York City, for example, where subways and buses abound, only 45 percent of residents have photo IDs that would comply with the Indiana law, said Waldman, citing local surveys.”

Why should someone be penalized from voting because they don’t drive? Or because they are poor? Or because they are old?

“Rokita said the law is intended to encourage “faith in the election process, and in the integrity of it. Identify theft is the fastest-growing problem in America.”

So what you are saying is that there is no way of knowing whether the identity being presented is even valid or not. I thought that was just the opposite of what they are trying to accomplish?

“He acknowledges there have been no prosecutions for impersonating a voter. “But we still have a right to protect ourselves against the POSSIBILITY of voter fraud,” he said.”

OK so now we need to enact laws that protect us from the POSSIBILITY OF something.

What is next?

The lengths that the GOP will go, fueled by their nuttie neo-con backers, to change the constitution to their will just amazes me. The only thing that amazes me more is how many people just bend over and take it without question.

No wonder we are in the pickle of a mess we are in.

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