Last week I posed a question whether anyone out there believed anything that the Federal gov’t says?

From the lack of responses, I am going to proceed, that the majority of people conclude that most of what comes from our gov’t is BS!

So, what I want to know is when did it become OK for our gov’t to lie to us?

Would we have accepted GW’s lies about Iraq before 911?

Now I know I am showing my age when I make this comparison, but our country is starting to remind me of the USSR during the cold war.

Today’s America bears stark resemblance to the totalitarian govt that ran and regulated everything including business, education, sports, people’s personal lives within the confines of their own homes.

People in the USSR allegedly were investigated for no reason but solely because the gov’t wanted to monitor their actions.

The media reflected the gov’t propaganda and the voices of the people were seldom heard or considered. What was seen were the consequences of one’s actions when they stood up to the Soviet gov’t and how those people quickly disappeared.

The Military was a huge part of the Soviet machinery as was their misguided notion that their’s was the great union in the history of the world that could not be taken down. I believe that is defined as arrogance.

I remember as a little girl in the middle of the RED SCARE here in America in the 50’s and 60’s, my mother telling me that the communist beliefs were they would never have to invade America but that instead America would crumble from within.

If we can not have faith in our gov’t, then it is necessary for us to change the gov’t. At least while we still can. The consequence of burying our heads in the sand any longer is that we will become what we once hated and fought against.

And all because we became tolerant of lies from our Government!


  1. One last observation, before this thread fades off into blogger oblivian (ggg)….. there has been no comment on my comparison with today’s reality in America to “Back in the USSR”.

    I find this interesting because I remember what a ruckus was made of the “Red Threat to our way of Life” specifically refering to our freedoms.

  2. There cannot be 2 sets of laws!

    Didn’t some GOP Senator or Congressman say something like that when impeaching Clinton?

    Here is the deal — if the President and other representatives of our gov’t are not accountable for telling the truth, then no one can be held accountable!
    There can be no discrimination by position or wealth!

    You cannot have one standard for one group and another standard for another group. This is what infuriates people the most.

    The fact that we heard over and over how Clinton needed to be held to a higher standard about lying than a regular person. What happened? The same people turn their backs on these same principles for GW? Why?

    Everyone here knows fully well that we would go to jail for the actions that GW and his cronies have taken.

  3. Maybe its just as simple as that in the world of today the people as a whole are more like the people they elect. Mostly Liars and adulterers. A liar or an adulterer will not consider it a big deal if elected officials do the same as they do, because they reason “everybody” does it. It has as a whole become acceptable and expected in this society.
    It used to be your word was your bond. No more. It used to be, your marriage vow meant something. No more. (to many, not all)
    As our world corrupts it should be no surprise that corrupt people get corrupt people to lead them. For as one said above, we elect thoughs who appeal to us, and who appeals to us? Whether we realize it or not, people mostly vote for thoughs who,(maybe even on a subconscious level) they perceive to be most like themselves morally. Like the people someone hangs around with. They hang around with people who are like themselves.
    There has always been an element of corruption in the world, but you can almost look to the point where evolution was excepted and taught and see an explosion of behaviour which had not been acceptable before. If people believe there is no higher authority, thus no “real” definition of right and wrong except what man deems to be good then who is to say what is good or bad. What is bad today may tomorrow be considered good. Hell,, maybe being a liar is good and normal in some peoples eyes and the idea of living by a standard which is/was based on a “higher” standard is old fashioned and unrealistic.
    To many you can see the onset of the, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, idea.
    As a society we are morally sick, and it is showing up in the leaders we have and choose.

  4. I may have found my answer inadvertantly on another post. It seems that it does matter when our presidents lie….at least publicly. I believe the anger and frustration that is exhibited around here is a direct result.

    There has been no justice because the Republicans have blocked justice from occuring.

    Many had high hopes that something would happen when the GOP no longer control everything. However, the Dems failure to even attempt to hold them accountable has indeed been weak.

    The bottom line is it IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR OUR GOV’T ESPECIALLY OUR PRESIDENT TO LIE! The result of these unaccountable lies is a whole lot of PO’d people feeling betrayed, angry and hopeless.

    See today, it is WE THE PEOPLE who are held to a HIGHER STANDARD than the politicians we choose to be our representatives and who take an oath to represent us, than the rich fatcat business leaders, than the people we TRUST to do the RIGHT THING.

    Perhaps this is why it is so important the GWB be held accountable. Because if this man is not held accountable for his actions, then honestly how can we hold anyone accountable?

    If the gov’t, all branches, is not held accountable the same as the people that they allegedly represent then there can be no faith in government. Thus we are where we find ourselves today.

  5. “Fifty years ago Ike warned us to be wary of the military/industrial complex, and I’m afraid he was mostly ignored. ”

    I’m not sure he was ignored. But the Military Industrial Complex sure won out didn’t it? Maybe because they had those big bucks to throw around DC even way back then.

    The problem is that every great military complex throughout history has fallen. This is the part that concerns me.

    I think what the people are looking for and what is honestly missing from the political landscape is a TRUE LEADER. We had some back in the 60’s. Imagine how different things might have been if we had not had those leaders?

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