Mr. President, the American people have never liked being lied to. And since you have become our President, you have been telling some whoppers.

Right after 9/11 you told us that our forces would be hunting for Bin Laden until he and his ilk were “brought to justice”. However, soon thereafter, you removed most of the troops that were looking for him. You have since allowed his trail to go “stone cold”.

Then, you told us that we needed to invade Iraq, a sovereign nation, because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was somehow a “grave” threat to our “national security”. You even gave bogus “evidence” of the existence of those weapons to one of our most credible statesmen…General Colin Powell…and then sent him in front of the United Nations to also lie about our justification for invading Iraq. To date, no weapons of mass destruction have ever been found.

And, once you and your far superior armed forces had clearly toppled Hussein’s government, you then strutted across the deck of that aircraft carrier in your flight suit and cowboy hat and arrogantly informed us all that our “mission” in Iraq had been “accomplished”. It’s now nearly FIVE years later and you have been regularly sending even MORE men and women (ON TOP OF the hundred and fifty thousand or so that you’ve been keeping in the region ever since that mission was supposedly “accomplished”!) to once again fight and die in Iraq.

You categorically denied that our prisoners from your “war on terror” were being tortured and abused. But then we were shown pictures from those prisons that clearly proved that, once again, you were lying to us. Since you’ve been in office, you and your minions have also been steadfastly trying to get long-standing international laws against such torture changed so that you won’t have to also lie about being a war criminal when your term as our President expires.

You’ve categorically denied that you were keeping prisoners from that war locked up in a number of foreign jails (besides the gulag you DID admit to running down at Guantanamo). Now, under pressure from the courts, you have also admitted, that, well, yes… you HAVE been keeping prisoners locked up elsewhere, too.

You and your cronies have labeled the Government of Iran as a “threat” to world peace because they now wish to start producing electricity from nuclear materials, something that dozens of other counties around the world (like France and Canada) do on a regular basis. You’ve told us that Iran is actually trying to develop nuclear weapons and that it would eventually become a threat to its neighbors. Unfortunately, you’ve conveniently also failed to mention that the Government of Israel already HAS nuclear weapons in the region (provided by the United States no less!) and that they’ve been pointing them at Iran for decades.

What’s more, rather than admitting that it is YOUR Administration’s imperialistic policies that are at the root of all this madness in the Middle East, you’ve apparently convinced yourself that, somehow, your own citizens are at fault because they are now refusing to believe your lies, and are starting to speak out in ever larger numbers in public against you and your obvious lack of veracity.

So, rather than search your soul to see who might own this problem, you’ve sent your FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security goon squads to tap our phones without a warrant, strip search us at airports, sift through our electronic and other mail at will, monitor our Internet conversations and then throw those of us whom you (or your Homeland Security “thought police”) somehow deem are “against you” into military jails in a faraway lands without due process (let alone any hope of a fair trial!) all in the name of “protecting” the rest of us from an enemy that you…and your lies…helped create.

Sadly, you keep telling us that we are now safer because of what you’ve done. This, too, is a lie because, the only “mission” you’ve really “accomplished” is to turn our once proud and free nation into an armed camp…a country that now must be ruthlessly controlled by intimidation and fear using your own 21st Century version of George Orwell’s “Big Brother” in order for you and your right-wing goons to stay in power.

Mr. President, the trouble with lies is that they tend to keep piling up. And, after a while, it becomes harder and harder to keep them all straight. Sooner or later, the truth always manages to come out.

Unfortunately, that’s the downside of lies. You can’t keep telling them forever because after a while, nobody believes ANYTHING that you say, regardless of its veracity.

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