Never let it be said…

that Bill Clinton is a statesman. He’s the hubristic chauffeur of the Clinton political machine, barreling down the electoral roadway at whomever or whatever gets in the way. A sordid, seedy, lecherous liar behind the wheel, smashing truth and democratic electability at full speed ahead.

Clearly, the once-proud passenger on his highway to hell is gaining valuable “experience” in all manner of dustups, sideswipes, and head-on collisions, never looking back at the moral, ethical, and social devastation left behind.

So much for “Driving Miss Hillary”


  1. Flapsaddle

    What should anger us most about Bill Clinton’s actions – especially the famous “blue dress” incident – is not the seedy Tobacco Road level of scrofulousness but the fact that he frittered away the best opportunity in 60 years for a president to actually make serious changes.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  2. Alexandria Lupu

    Give me a break. Whenever Pres. Clinton or Hillary raise questions on Obama, they are met with the same reactions as thst posed by the Bush administration. Don’t question don’t criticize.
    I guess everyone should lay back & treat Barack Obama like the golden boy of presidential nominees. Like the old saw says “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”
    Pres. Clinton has the right to speak up, as any other President or U. S. citizen.

  3. Carl Nemo

    Yo Alexandria Lupu…

    It seems that you have “fire in the belly” with your stalwart support for the Clinton’s right to question Obama. True, but they are an exception when it comes to being able to question anyone for their past behavior…!

    Unfortunately for “we the people” these two scamsters are in a position to question anyone since they are both long overdue for having entered a “Club Fed” facility for a very extended stay.

    I’m going to supply you with some hopefully attitude, life-changing links that “if” you take the time to view them, they will enlighten you to the fact that the Clintons are traitors to the Republic and the Constitution for which it stands.

    The NWO oligarchs love them and they are using the full force and gravitas of their solely owned worldwide MSM outlets to shove “Billary” down our collective throats.

    An expose’ on lack of ethics clips


    An expose’ of treason against “we the people”; ie., putting our collective national safety in mortal danger for a campaign buck or two more!

    An expose’ on the numerous Clinton related scandals and inquiries into their lifetime of ongoing, unethical, and in some cases outright criminal behavior. They were both lawyers, Bill ultimately being disbarred…!


    There’s more of course, but if you with to put a bucket on your head and fail to let the gravity of this material sink into your consciousness, then you are welcome fall into the their NWO facilitating trap.

    Carl Nemo **==