I’m surprised Mike Huckabee didn’t show up in Jena, LA, Monday to goose-step along with a group of fellow white supremacists in a rally attended mostly by media.

The rally that wasn’t seemed tailor made for Huckabee, who faltering Presidential run is turning into the campaign that wasn’t.

Huckabee proved he can pander to hate and racism in pure Republican style last week when he jumped into the debate over whether or not the Confederate battle flag should fly at the state house in South Carolina.

His defense of the right to fly the symbol of prejudice was a lame, last-minute attempt to bring out the hate vote. It didn’t work. Huckabee lost South Carolina to John McCain.

So Huckabee did an about face and spent Martin Luther King Day in a church in Atlanta, acting like he really gives a damn about civil rights.

Which left his fellow hate mongers in Jena to march pretty much alone.

Reports The Associated Press:

A crowd mostly made up of members of the media listened as four white separatists demanded white rights, severe prosecution of six black teens accused of beating a white school mate and an end to the Martin Luther King holiday.

But the speeches didn’t last long.

The “Jena Justice Day” planned Monday by the white supremacist Nationalist Movement ended about two hours earlier than organizers had planned, with most participants leaving long before that.

Now before you get all hot and bothered and start yelling that this is just another Yankee tirade against the proud old South I have to say, in the interest of full disclosure, that I’m a son of the South — born and raised in Dixie.

I live in a Blue Ridge Mountain community where the stars and bars flies in front of single wides along many country lanes and covers the back windows of too many pickup trucks. Virginia State Troopers wear a blue and gray uniform modeled after a Confederate officers garb and they drive patrol cars pained blue and gray.

Like most sons of the South I can find a few relatives who fought against what is routinely called “the war of northern aggression” or simply “the recent unpleasantness.”

When my Illinois-born wife came to Virginia, she looked around at all our battlefield parks and memorials and asked: “My God, how many monuments would you have if you had actually won the war?”

Many Southerners wear their Confederate heritage on their sleeves and their flagpoles and their trucks.

Not this one.

The American flag flies at our house. When I see video footage of the protest in Jena, where a modified version of the Confederate stars and bars was waved as a symbol of racism and white supremacy, I want to puke.

Like it or not, the Confederate battle flag has been co-opted by the hate mongers as something to wave proudly when they march to showcase their prejudice. Too often, I’ve seen the stars and bars waved with a swastika sewn into the middle.

It’s time to put the Confederate battle flag and other such symbols into a museum as part of a display of a war that should never have had to be fought and to remember a period of shame for this nation that must never be forgotten.


  1. (Posted for Hamp, SWR who wasn’t able to post for some reason. BT)

    “If my Great Great Grandfather and his fellow soldiers from the 10th Texas Cavalry were here today, the idiots waving the Battle Flag in Jena would be dispatched with extreme prejudice, and you Sir along with them. Isn’t it fun putting matters of history into context?”

    Hamp, Texan

  2. If any of you would bother to look further into these rallies, and such, you would see that the Confederate Battle flag ( which is the Southern cross, and not the stars and Bars… learn about the history you disrespect) is not alone in its misuse by such groups. Many, if not all of these hate groups also proudly wave the stars ans stripes at their various meetins, rallies etc. by saying that the flag of my forefathers should be buried due to its use by these groups, are you also suggesting a similar fate for “old Glory”? If so, prepare for the backlash that would come from such a suggestion, and if not, then you are a hypocrite.
    and by the way, Segregation was not isolated in the South, it was an institution that flourished over many parts of the U.S.
    I am the heir of Confederate veterans,and a true Son of the South, as many of you profess to be. The only difference is, I am not sheep. I do not spit in the face of my forefathers, simply because the media, or federal education tells me that I should. The Confederate States was not an act of treason, if it were, then at least SOMEONE would have been convicted of such, and yet none ever were. the rants on this message board from Yankees and scalawags alike sickens me. If you despise the south so much, then by all means leave it, and never look back.

  3. Sorry Doug, but you have been contaminated by your liberal Illinois wife. You have forsaken your Southern heritage.

    Please tell me why I should forsake my gg grandfather and two ggg uncles that fought for state rights!? None of these heroes owned slaves and enlisted for the defence of Dixie. Should they be dishonour by me because a few hate mongers disparage our banners as you are our Southern heritage, or the PC’ers that are destroying the lives of the majority, how bout the race-baiters that fatten their wallets causing the real race problem …. Not this Southron! I don’t need or want instructions on what I honour by some liberal South hater!

    The Confederate Battle Flag With The “St Andrews Cross” was not the only Confederate Battle Flag, but She was the most known and used late in that great war. She is the most, hated, debated, misrepresented and beloved of all Confederate symbols. She has been tarnished by groups as the, naacp “by way of slander”, kkk, aryan nation, skinheads, neo nazi, white supremacy clowns…Just to name a few. She was not a national flag, nor was She a politician’s flag, and most defiantly not a flag of hate!…”She was a soldier’s flag” a banner of courage, honour and a call to duty. She was a rallying point for battling warriors. Many died to keep Her safe and out of enemy hands, this Flag was stained with the blood of our Southron patriots. Last, and most important…SHE WAS AN AMERICAN FLAG!!

    As Southron, we owe it to ourselves and noble ancestry to protect Her and hold her in reverence. We must stand up to “Those People” that slander Her, for that slander is slander toward us and our past. We must never let our past be removed from our future… and you sir slander your Southron people!!!

    Tommy Aaron
    Chattanooga, Tennessee

  4. “And do you think it’s any accident that those same southern states are the ones filled to the brim with born-again fundamentalist Christians (like Baptists, for example)who think George Bush is a great guy and have absolutely no problem whatsoever with invading Middle Eastern countries which did us no harm whatsoever, all in the name of Israel, the Old Testament and the (purely fabricated) “rapture?” Or, to put it more bluntly, the people that think Blacks and Arabs are lowlife and should be slaves to Whites and Jews?”

    this whole post smacks of a serious prejudice against these people (assuming, incorrectly, that we can lump them all together) and i’ve found southerners and baptists to be very hospitable.
    fundamentalist arabs on the otherhand, it seems, are the picture of tolerance


    Socially liberal, fiscally conservative… constitutionalist, libertarian…
    empower & encourage people to take care of themselves.
    the solution isn’t always to throw more $ at the proplem.

  5. You would think that a “son of the South” and an expert on the Confederate flag would actually know the name of the flag. Stars and Bars? No. It’s called the Southern Cross.Next time try to use the correct name so you won’t look so ignorant.

  6. the best reply to this slanderer and da ja vue all over again comes from the old testament.”and balaam’s ass spoke.”

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