Cheney the fascist and Bush the duped Crusader. Both have made millions while looting America of its most precious thing–our freedoms. So much done in the name of Christianity, but as a Jew I know true Christians don’t murder innocent men, women, and children in the name of democracy while destroying Democracy in their own land. A real Christian is kind, understanding, and generous. A real Christian does not murder unless it is in defense of family, self, and homeland. Cheney and Bush are members of the class that believes themselves to be superior to all, while in reality they are pathetic human beings who have no idea of the teachings of that well-known Rabbi, Jesus Christ.
Christ was the consummate salesman, allegedly cloaking himself in the guise of “Son of G-d”, while all along what he was really calling himself was “ben adahm” the Hebrew for “Son of Man.” His followers took advantage of his fame and attributed such miracles to him that the Romans had no choice but to execute him.
Now we have a maniac who has stolen the office of President of the United States twice. He cloaks himself as the great decider, an outstanding Christian, while we all know that he has no semblance of an idea of what an outstanding Christian really is. He knew he achieved all he has accomplished by deception, deceit, and double dealing. He had to look in the mirror and see the inferior human being, the poor excuse for a Christian that he really is, and to maintain his sanity (or appearance thereof), his mind had to convince the fool that he was everything he never achieved but always aspired to. His record in life as a businessman is as dismal as his record as president, and his one major achievement as Governor of Texas was to execute more people than all the previous Governors combined.
His disregard for human life is evident in the forcing of the war in Iraq, just as Cheney’s is in his part in allegedly ordering the destruction of the World Trade Center by shaped charges exploded after the planes the Saudis hijacked were flown into those symbols of Capitalism. Locking up Scooter Libby and not granting a Presidential Pardon effectively shut up any potential “Deep Throats”. Nobody’s talking anymore, even if they want to, because of that and because they know that they cannot count on the wishy-washy Congress to do the right thing and grant some immunity in exchange for confessions and naming the real perps of 9-11.
So we are stuck with a war cloaked in the alleged Christian ethic, when those who say that have no care or idea of what that means. Doublespeak reigns supreme once more in DC. Worst of all, the line between church and state has been deliberately blurred by these crooks, and we only shake our heads from side to side and say what can we do. Well, none of the candidates have the nerve to challenge this ‘Christian Conservancy’, and apparently neither do all but a very few in our Congress. Huckabee is without a doubt a bigot and a danger to our Constitution. The battering THAT noble document has taken over the last 7 years is substantial, and electing a nut like Mike Huckabee might be the death toll for our Constitution just as the traitors Bush and Cheney have destroyed our Bill of Rights in the name of democracy and Christianity.
We need a new electoral process. The current one is no longer affordable for a common man, or woman. We need term limits on all elected and appointed officials, and we need someone strong enough to lead our nation out of the morass and away from the destruction of our most important documents.
There is still time, but not much. Let’s roll!!

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