Congress is thinking about investigating Dr. Robert Jarvik, inventor of the artificial heart, over his statements in a TV ad for Lipitor, the largest-selling anticholesterol agent. Since the good doctor is a medical research scientist rather than a licensed physician, Congress feels the strong need to slap his hand for exceeding his writ.

Congress has just begun an investigation of MLB over steroid use, summoning to the inquisition some of the usual suspects from the blank-stare-and-cud-of-Redman crowd. Our Congress no doubt looks forward to collecting a few scalps – probably for perjury – from the scratch-your-ass-and-spit guys who report for work in 19th-century uniforms.

Congress should receive our appropriate attention for concentrating on what is truly important rather than wasting its time on a five-year war that has cost the lives of four thousand of our sons and daughters, the grievous injury of tens of thousands more and the squandering of a trillion dollars of our wealth. Yes, they should understand from us how much more important this is than a power-crazed government spending binge… and the looming financial and economic crises…and the spiraling price of fuel…and the rocketing cost of medical care…and that a long time friend and neighbor, Canada, now regards us as a nation that condones torture and the violation of basic human rights.

Yes, Congress should really be made aware of how we feel about their priorities.

Most sincerely,

T. J. Flapsaddle

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