Sadly, the latest public debates about mixing politics with religion (particularly as it relates to abortion, sex and legalizing Gay marriage) have been commanded by a well-organized (albeit unlikely) combination of both traditional and fundamentalist evangelical “Christian” institutions. The latter remain particularly non-inclusive in their approach to religion.

Fortunately, the hypocrisy of such “Christian” behavior (purported to be founded on principles of love, inclusiveness and acceptance, but which are now being increasingly displayed as narrow intolerance for the beliefs and private sexual behavior of others) is now blatantly on display for the entire world to see.

And, particularly in the Presidential campaign of Mr. Huckabee of Arkansas, it has become increasingly laced with ever-bigger lies, blatant bigotry and outright hypocrisy.

Fortunately, it’s now becoming ever harder for even far right Christians to blindly accept lectures on what is “abnormal” sexual behavior from such institutions as the Roman Catholic Church that still firmly considers celibacy for its priests to be “normal”. This is the same institution that is STILL spending millions in legal fees defending…and trying to cover up and protect…its large cadre of pedophile Priests.

I think it’s also critically important for all of us to remember that, when they set up our country and wrote our Constitution, the Founding Fathers were very careful to include a clear separation between Church and State.

Maybe that’s because a large number of them (like Thomas Jefferson) were Deists who also knew full well how freedoms quickly evaporate once organized religion (of any genre) mixes with government. And, they were bound and determined NOT to let their new country become a Theocracy.

Anyone who truly believes in the full separation of Church and State should now recognize the current attempts by the right-wing fundamentalist Christians to hijack and control our government as nothing more than their desperate, last-ditch attempt to salvage what’s left of their once complete power to control people’s money, thoughts and lives.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bush (along with the far-right-wing fundamentalist theocrats in the US Congress and candidates like Mr. Huckabee now running for President) are desperately trying to preserve, protect and then codify these narrow moral precepts into US law. They now seem bound and determined to ram their far right, “good vs. evil”, Christian fundamentalist religious views down all our throats “by law” whether we (or what’s written in our Constitution) happens to agree with them or not.

The noted author Sinclair Lewis probably summed this danger up best when he said that, “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross”.

The bottom line here is that our precious freedoms can be FAR more easily taken from us by religious theocrat zealots pushing “moral values” legislation than by the work of any rag-tag bunch of terrorists.

Hopefully, enough of us will see through this gigantic fundamentalist “power grab” and act accordingly when our turn comes in the election booth.

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