It’s the perfect set up for Class Warfare.

GW ends 2007 complaining to the press about how Congress hasn’t funded bills necessary to keep the economy going.

2008 — The economy starts heading downward

GW & Bernake, his Fed appointte, agree they need to give away more money to get the economy back on track.. FREE MONEY!!!! WHOOPEE {g}

(when are they ever going to learn, please)

Now the Bushies know Congress isn’t going to give them what they want, so now Congress is the problem. GW isn’t the problem. Congress is the problem. Who controls congress? Dems…some of which could be the Dem nominee.

Dems won’t make tax cuts permanent so they are the problem. Dems won’t give away enough money so they are the problem.

Create fear, get the little guy out of the market and back into the banks that need the cash infusion with savings and bonds. Meantime the hedge funds gobble up the bargains driving the price back up.

Thus you have it…class warfare.

Meantime, they are totally recasting the entire presidential debate. And if Bloomberg comes in as an independent which is likely I believe if McCain or Huckabee win the nominaiton. it will be the perfect environment for another CEO type with limited gov’t experience to come in.

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