I have read so much ‘stuff’ spouted by the various candidates but until a short time ago was terribly confused. So I came up with a real litmus test for me to use–I set everything each one says in front of the United States Constitution and examine how their statements measure up.

Virtually all of them fail to measure up with one, and possibly two exceptions, but the majority not even coming close. What most of these wannabes miss while spewing their rhetoric all over the place is this: The Constitution delineates specifically what power is and what power isn’t given to the Federal government and what is reserved for the states and/or the people.

I urge everyone to carefully and thoughtfully study the Constitution and then look carefully at the many programs, laws, etc., offered by each candidate.

Question then to consider (that is, if you believe what the Constitution says to us and guarantees every American): Who is the candidate that has the true sense of Constitutional governing and who has not?

Doing this should help everyone see what the greater share of “social issues” belong to the individual states and what issues are rightfully the responsibility of the Federal Government.

I realize that what I am saying may be greatly simplified, but after much study and research, I have come to the conclusion that if we continue moving in our current direction, we are going to get creamed–big-time!

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