All depends on your point of view ,I guess.

    This blog entry started as another blast at the political madness of our present age…and was going to attempt to find logic or damnation in the fact that those we elect spend more time (and more of our money) in the pi$$ing contests known as “the primary”, than what they’re being paid to do in the first place.

    I can’t get serious today. I’m supposed to be getting ready to go to my next event. (We, my wife and I, are partially self employed) She’s working hard, I feel guilty…mostly.

    It started with getting on the web, reviewing the latest misdeeds of the flatulent cattle in DC and elsewhere…

    Then it happened. I looked out the window.
    Wait a minute, what is that?
    Snow? Yup, snow all right.

    Quite a bit by local standards it seems (everything is shut down). To those of us born in climes significantly further north, it would be barely noticed at all. (Somewhere in the 2″ accumulation here in Roanoke)

    Fortunately, I have duties that can keep me indoors today. So I will give into the grins and better humor brought on by that age old hobby of “people watching”.

    Safe and warm inside (for which I am TRULY grateful),
    I watch the bewilderment of those for whom snow is just such an anomaly in their universe, that I all I can do is grin at the antics.

    Not in any vicious way I assure you. Rather more in a delighted and childlike frame of mind. Being very much closer to 50 than 40 has I think, has put me deeper in touch with my sense of the ridiculous.

    The memory of very recently watching the locals look at me walking about in a sweatshirt when it was 50-ish degrees outside, and looking back at them bundled in their down filled parkas and winter boots, only seems to add to the mirth of the moment.

    So I submit to you readers of this entry, do your soul a favor if you can. Wish the world well this day, and pursue indoor activities that are pleasurable to you.

    If you can,look out at the world at some point with a less cynical mind, and enjoy what you see if at all possible.

    As the Dali Lama says: “Try to see the humor”.


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