Some Horse Race!

What if the Announcer at the track said ” And they’re off” and the horses charged out of the gate and all lined up shoulder to shoulder down the track, each nose reaching the finish line at the exact same moment? The announcer would say “now you, the audience, will have to select the winner.”

It appears that this is what we have in the current political race which has been running in slow motion for what seems an eternity. All the horses want the “right things” and the public says “Been there, done that, heard that before.” No good horses in the race!

Amazing,? No, the public knows that the millions spent on the political scene proves not a thing about how good the horse will run. Talk IS expensive today,but it is still cheap.The public knows too that the current political horses have treated the common man and woman as if all of the horse available was the rear end.

A pundit once said about horses: “Dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle”. The public has found out the saying applies to today’s politicos as well. You have to DO better Politicians. Money may not count in this election.


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