A joke that could have turned deadly

In the entertainment-starved Persian Gulf, telling a U.S. Navy vessel that you're coming after it and the ship will explode in a few minutes is apparently what passes for humor.

It turns out that the voice that passed that spurious warning to three Navy ships as they were being approached by Iranian speedboats is a notorious maritime heckler who has come to be known as the Filipino Monkey after his racist insults to Filipinos.

The Monkey could be one person but more likely a band of nuisances who orally harass ships and aircraft in the Gulf going back to the tanker wars of the early '80s.

The radio transmissions, said The Washington Post, are "alternately obscene, nonsensical, racist, infantile, misogynistic and menacing." Sometimes the voice just babbles all night in a falsetto. The Monkey is said to be especially vile toward female American helicopter pilots. Clearly these are seriously bored individuals.

The Monkey broadcasts on an open channel used for ship-to-ship communications and his origin, it appears, is impossible to trace. It could be anywhere in a 60-mile radius on board a ship, on land or even an aircraft.

The heckler began broadcasting about seven minutes after the Iranian speedboats first appeared. It could have been coincidence or he could have overheard the U.S. Navy ships and the Iranians trying to identify each other.

It was a terribly inopportune time because the Navy ships were about to fire when the Iranians veered off. A tense situation that resolved itself could instead have turned bloody. Even in the suffocating heat and boredom of traversing the Gulf, that wouldn't have been at all funny.


  1. Sandra Price

    So the destroyer would simply wait until the boat blew it up? Are the reflexes that slow? Was there no air cover watching? Are we really sitting ducks in that area? Things are worse than even I could imagine.

  2. Steve Horn

    You have to look at this logically and try to figure out who has something to gain by starting an “incident” – the Iranians have nothing to gain, when you come right down to it, they already have control of thier part of the straights, and the patrols are a normal part of their military responsibility. They cannot, as a people, want to get anything started with the US – especially seeing how unstable Bush is!

    Bush, on the other hand, along with his oil and war material buddies, has much to gain by fanning the flames and making Iran seem like the aggressor state. By keeping the region unstable oil prices go ever higher, and by further vilifying Iran he can help build his case for taking direct action against them.

    Perhaps I’m just a bit jaded, but after years of Bush lies and war but at this late date I’m far more likely to believe any other government engaged in a difference of opinion with ours. Show me the WMD’s and explain, using FACTS the “danger” we were in from Iraq prior to the invasion and I MIGHT start to believe again, but in the absence of that proof, I remain a skeptic at best.



  3. Carl Nemo

    Whoa Sandra…

    Breathe deeply counting to ten backward! Everything will be OK… :)

    Rest assured our navy is on top of the situation. The only thing that happened conerning this incident is that Bushco used it as an opportunity to puff the situation while visiting the Middle East.

    Our naval battle groups command an area for several hundred miles out from carrier central. Everything in that greater area is being tracked and “identified” realtime. Unfortunately the Iranians do have ocean-skimming Silkworm missiles that could send one of our carriers to the bottom in a NY minute. Hopefully they won’t get through our defense batteries.


    This second link will allow people to get access to information concerning China-Gate on how Bill and Hillary Clinton sold our national defense to the “Red Chinese” for a buck or two… 😐


    It’s tragic that our navy, the ground forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places have to endure this ongoing jingoistic nonsense sponsored by Bushco.
    I even have empathy for the Iranians in that they have to suffer this continual b.s. too…!

    With so many evidently braindead voters enamoured with “Billary”, John McPain and ol’ Mitt they are assured of many more years of this continuing deadly nonsense too.

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the Chinagate for a charge downloads.

    p.p.s. A free link concerning Chinagate; ie., “The Idiots Guide to Chinagate for those that don’t want to pay for “intelligence” concerning our duplicit leaders both past and present. Elect “Billary” and you’ll have more of the same all the way to our national “finish” line…! 😐


  4. LurkingFromTheLeft

    You mean the same folks

    …that brought us 9/11?

    …and they wonder why we are skeptics – and that is on a good day –


  5. Flapsaddle

    Perhaps you do not know enough about how the Navy operates to appreciate what is going on?

    So the destroyer would simply wait until the boat blew it up?

    Absolutely not! There is a series of responses based on the situation, and these are implemented as the threat changes. There are no “Love Boat” cruise environments in the PG. If the situation deteriorates, then the alert status will ratchet up until a General Quarters sends all hands to battle stations. The commanders will have a set of rules of engagement that determine the conditions under which they may initiate force in order to protect themselves and any other ships near them.

    Are the reflexes that slow?

    By no means! If they are following their SOP, then each ship will be at its proper alert status for the situation and watching for any thing that indicates danger. A “weapons free” state will be reached once it is determined that a threat is imminent, and firing may/will begin at the first hint of an attack or if some threshold is reached.

    Was there no air cover watching?

    While I see no mention of it, you can bet your sweet bippy that it was nearby. The PG task forces are built around a carrier battle-group that maintains air cover 24/7; that means AWACS that look up, look down, look all around as well as a CAP of fighter/attack aircraft that can shoot it out of the sky or blow it out of the water.

    At Midway, in June of 1942, the Japanese were caught with their pants down after repelling a series of US attacks – without air cover above them! – and more Navy dive bomber squadrons swooped down and fatally damaged three of Nagumo’s four carriers within a 15 minute window. Our Navy does not want something like that to happen to it.

    Are we really sitting ducks in that area?

    Only if we practice to be sitting ducks. In July of 2006, an Israel naval vessel attacking Hezbollah positions on the Lebanese coast was hit by a Chinese C-802 antiship missile in part because the captain forgot to turn on the antimissile system.

    Things are worse than even I could imagine.

    If you do not have a lot of military training, then you may imagine things to be worse than they really are.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  6. CheckerboardStrangler

    As a former ham and also holder of an
    FCC First Class Radiotelephone Operator Permit I find it difficult to believe that a rogue transmitter on a normal VHF channel cannot be easily located.
    The FCC routinely makes use of much older technology to hunt down pirate broadcasters, unlicensed business radio users and just plain good old RF interference sources.
    What tools the military has at its disposal is most likely a mystery but I suspect they have a much nicer toolbox than even the FCC could begin to dream of.
    Triangulating someone who transmits for more than a few minutes is something a novice ham can do with one hand tied behind their back.

  7. Donnat

    Bush grinding his teeth
    No doubt. His administration actually tried to use this non-incident to bolster support for an attack on Iran and Americans, to their credit, didn’t take the bait.

    That’s the punishment of a liar – no one believes him even when he tells the truth (which he didn’t in this case either)

    I get the feeling the RNC sent Bush to the middle east to get him out of the U.S. during the opening primary coverage. The less he’s in the news, the better the GOP looks. How else can you explain the fact that every article about Bush’s trip basically says he wasted his time. Donnat

  8. ekaton

    I fear for the life of our good president. What is he thinking, galavanting all over the Middle East? Some terrorist might take a shot at him. If he was killed over there, it would be horrible. We’d have to listen to crappy dirge music on all the radio stations for a week.

    — Kent Shaw

  9. Sandra Price

    T.J. I sat in front of my television watching 4 airplanes crash into American buildings and not a damn NORAD jet was even watching. No control tower was watching and 3000 people perished while our CIC was reading a book about a goat. SOP was not inacted on 9/11.

    I followed every possible action of our armed services during WW2 and saw how well trained Americans acted. My husband was a WW2 Naval pilot. What I saw on 9/11 and the USS Cole was not America on guard! My family has been involved in every war on this planet and all are journalists from the Revolutionary war until Vietnam.

    Our government is obviously in “park” gear waiting for….what? Waiting for Bush to pray us out of the mess he made?

  10. Carl Nemo

    Hi Sandra Price…

    Evidently dear lady you just don’t cotton to the idea that our government has become a blatant enemy of “we the people”…! The people from your generation weren’t the totally corrupt, money-hungry, nation-state destroying monsters along with their minions that have taken over most world governments in current times.

    I posted some information concerning the USS Cole a few posts back on this running commentary and the fact that even it too is a mainstream media sponsored story that doesn’t wash out, no differently than 9/11.

    I urge you and others to spend the time to watch the content of this link. Study the clean 45 degree angle cuts on the supporting Twin Tower I-beams. Watch the clip a number of times and then let that ol’ sick feeling wash over your consciousness as to what kind of monsters have taken over of this once great nation; ie., Bushco and PNAC neocon scamsters.


    The above link is probably one of the best ever demonstrating that something is gravely amiss with the idea that the two planes that struck the towers had the kinetic energy and fuel to destroy these two huge structures. They fell allright, but with the aid of some explosive thermite-based “hamburger helper” … 😐

    Americans have now become victims of serial “false flag” ops, but they keep wedging their heads ever more deeply into the sand regardless of the glaring inconsistencies in the public stories concerning these attacks…?!

    Bushco even tried to use this hokey incident on the high seas to attack Iran. These running dogs for the NWO agenda are incorrigible to say the least!

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Also a Bush linked company was in charge of the security for the buildings when 911 occurred…?! Coincidence, I think not, based on what’s unfolded for this nation concerning the Bush regime during the past 7 years.


  11. Sandra Price

    Monkey broadcasts interpreted by a Monkey President is a dangerous situation. I would bet Bush is disappointed that he can’t respond. I heard his speech and it is typical of a man with a huge paranoia. I hope congress is keeping a close eye on this war-happy President.

  12. Flapsaddle

    I hope congress is keeping a close eye on this war-happy President.

    Congress, under the inspiring leadership of Pelosi, has shown itself to be more interested in keeping its eye on the pork and perqs than on the presidency.

    All the last election changed was the feeding order at the trough; it did not change the basic nature of any of the swine present.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  13. JoyfulC

    Once again, our MSM brings us the “news.”

    Reminds me of some lyrics to Harry Nillson’s “The Point”:

    “A point in every direction is the same as no point at all.”

  14. Steve Horn

    the “monkey” could even be on a US ship, operating under clandestine orders to initiate hostilities with the Iranians and “justify” yet another war. As the source cannot be identified it would be far more difficult to refute than the phantom “WMD” threat used to justify the invation of Iraq ever was.



  15. LurkingFromTheLeft


    …would THEY really do something like that?

    …I’m absolutely ‘shocked’ –


  16. Flapsaddle

    If one is conspiratorially inclined, then …the “monkey” could even be on a US ship, operating under clandestine orders to initiate hostilities with the Iranians…

    The article indicates that the “Filipino Monkey” appears to have been around since the early 80s – i. e., a quarter-century. That’s not to say that such a thing could not be seized upon just as Lyndon Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin incident to ramp-up US involvement in Vietnam.

    Given this administration’s penchant for not thinking things through before jumping off of the cliff, I rather doubt that anyone there would think about this level of finesse and much less would they be able to plan it far enough in advance.

    I’m just happy that the flotilla commander took another deep breath before squeezing the trigger and that the IRG decided they had pulled the Great Satan’s beard as much as was safe.

    Most respectfully,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  17. Jeffers


    Your hatred of the president is blinding you to a real problem. It was not a “monkey” broadcast that blew up a US Navy ship in port many years ago.

    These are real threats and any Naval commander that shows too much tolerance is putting his ship and crew at risk.

    Years ago we would not have tolerated this type of taunting. Now, in the politically correct world, we are expected to let neighborhood thugs spit in the faces of soldiers, sailors, and policemen.

    Then they ridicule us in the international press and barrooms so we get no respect, and it all makes it more difficult to be the leaders that everyone expects of the US.

    It’s not about Bush, it’s about the US and the world today.

    Peace without freedom is still slavery.

  18. old_curmudgeon

    I agree that Navy commanders need to be cognizant of what is going on around them in that part of the world. But the Filipino monkey has been operating in the hormuz area for nearly 30 years and everyone who transits the strait knows of him. He(they) are equal opportunity insulters. A friend who used to traverse the narrow strait on a regular basis confirms that “everyone” gets their share of bile. And as for locating the signal I am told it really is impossible to identify a source location on an open channel like channel 16. So, not being able to “respond” to the taunting is not because of PCness. We could of course just nuc the entire 60 mile radius around the strait – that would solve the taunting issue…not to put any ideas into the Chimp’s vacant mindspace.

    And as for respect, well, we really haven’t deserved much respect in the past few years…But that’s just this old curmudgeon’s opinion.

  19. Jeffers

    I’m not talking about the taunting of the “monkey”, but rather by the Iranian gun boats. Even without the broadcast threat, we were being buzzed by the boats according to the news accounts I’ve read and heard.

    We have a right and an obligation to protect our war ships.

    Peace without freedom is still slavery.

  20. Sandra Price

    Jeffers, Americans lived through Tokyo Rose during WW2 but then we had a brighter President. Any Iranian gun boat could hardly destroy a destroyer.

    The USS Cole should not have been in that location and also should have been aware of approaching boats. Bush has lined up so many lies and manipulation that only 25% of the Americans have any faith in his judgment. It was Clinton who was on watch at that time and did nothing. October of 2000 was before Bush who was sworn in on January 20, 2001. The USS Cole was done by Yemen and had little interest to the new President. Read some of the biographies of the 43rd President and learn that his going into Iraq was planned long before he was elected. If you know only what the MSM tells you, you may need some better information.

    It is too late to trust Bush 43 at this time. If you want to keep this war going, vote for Senator McCain who will fulfill your dream.

  21. Flapsaddle

    An Iranian gunboat could take out a destroyer. The Cole was put out of action for the better part of a year by a non-military craft that carried far less destructive capacity than would one of those IRG patrol boats.

    Were one of those to be packed with the proper explosives and/or with EFP devices, they could do considerable damage. Destroyers are fairly thin-skinned – mostly aluminum above the water-line, IIRC – and it does not take a great deal to punch a hole in them. Nor do you have to completely destroy the ship; as with the Cole, just damage her and put her out of action, with attendant casualties.

    During the Falkland Islands war in 1982, the Argentinian air force sunk or crippled a number of RN ships with Exocet missiles, which are a considerable multiple of brissance less than a high-speed boat loaded with explosives.

    During World War 2, Japanese kamikaze attacks sank destroyers, cruisers and carriers. The IRG is perfectly capable of doing the same thing – on the water.

    I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the threat of the patrol boats.

    Most respectfully,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  22. Carl Nemo

    Hi Sandra Price…

    I must inform you that the damage to the USS Cole was a MSM supported myth too no different than 911. The USS Cole incident was another false flag setup to fan the flames against them bad ol’ arabs… 😐 Of course this engineered debacle meant anothe big “ka-ching” for the Bushco/Clinton cabal.


    Everything happening to this nation in our times is nothing but a continual false flag scenario to varying degrees. Bushco along with Israel’s ongoing Mossad sponsored support are cleaning out the U.S. Treasury as we both write and speak! We the People are being “had”…bigtime…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  23. Carl Nemo

    Multi-billion dollar naval battle groups don’t conduct business like a bunch of routestep dumbsh*ts! The answer lies in the synchronization of this incident with the “Chimptator’s” visit to the Middle East area.

    All traffic is catalogued in a database; ie., voice traffic, electronic signatures known as ELINT;ie. radar, all types, sonar signals, surface ship radar profile signatures etc. The broader category of this intelligence d-base is known as SIGINT. Nowadays it’s a realtime parsed process scanned against a signature directory. Things just don’t happen. Navy communications ops are very sharp and as soon as the Filipino monkey went hot on his mike they would have known who it is. A competent naval communications rate knows his or her job very well and they rarely screw up! They take extreme pride in what they do.

    In summation it’s my personal feeling that this whole tempest in a teapot is more of Bushco’s ongoing, engineered; potentially deadly nonsense. Yes the incident did happen, but I’m sure Cheney et.al.; ie., they, the amateur intelligence buffs saw this as an opportunity to puff the incident for dubya’s benefit.

    Chimpy enjoys rattling his sheet of tin behind the shogi screen playing the Great Wizard of Fear to the world except he isn’t all that good at the game. The shogi screen keeps falling over for all the world to see what an ongoing loser he is sitting in his high chair with protective helmet in place…! 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  24. JoyfulC

    I agree. There was something hinky with it right from the start. And the MSM were quick to play their role.

    Of course, we’ve been lied to and manipulated so much by this administration that some of us are not inclined to believe anything they tell us anymore — and especially not anything that would get us into another war.

  25. ekaton


    Great word!! Had to go look it up of course.

    “This force has rapid translation and is momentary. It is the shockwave that preceeds resistance to movement
    of the cusp, or the shockwave that occurs each time two opposing cusps bang together for what eaver reason. It has also been defined as the speed of the flame front in an explosion.”

    — Kent Shaw

  26. ekaton

    Sigh. It just never ends, does it? I have reached the point where I cannot believe anything put forth from any branch of the government and any member of the media right down to the local weekly newsrag. Its a sad state of affairs for sure. They just keep coming at us. I feel overwhelmed. Which is their goal.

    — Kent Shaw