With 37% of the precincts in, Romney is the projected winner with 39% of the vote. As of this posting, McCain has 30%, and the Huckster takes third with 15%. No surprise there, with Romney oozing around the state, running on some pie-in-the-sky message of hope. He should be ashamed of himself, promising to bring back jobs that disappeared long ago in the name of free markets. I’m no fan of McCain’s, but at least he had the guts to speak the truth and mention the unmentionable: the jobs are gone gone gone. Bush likes to trumpet all the jobs that are created, but he never bothers to mention that it’s working for WalMart, etc. Sure, Romney could do the same and bring jobs to Michigan, but it won’t be UAW wages and benefits. I think that we could maintain some level of parity in income, but it would involve some ideas and techniques that smack of Socialism, and, well, we can’t have that.

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