Is anyone home? I recently wrote to my Senator and my Representative. I outlined a case for impeachment of the president and the vice-president. They wrote to me using “talking points”. My Democratic Senator informed me that there was so little time left in W’s term that impeachment was not practical. Not Practical?
The seven years that George Bush has served have truly been a disaster for this country, nevermind their global impact. I’m very curious about the prespective of our lawmakers that have what seems to be no interest in actually upholding the law. It is obvious that the political game has become just that, a game. Are we truly at a point in our history as a nation that a president can stand in front of our country and claim, “No one anticpated 9/11”? “No one anticpated that the levys would break” and now the latest “No one has said that a recession is coming”? I find it stunning that I can log on to cnn and 9 of the 11 headlines have more to do with celebrities and Hillary “crying” than have to do with what is really happening in our nation. The 4th amendment has been shredded by this administration. Habeus Corpus has been suspended. We are at war with a nation that did not attack us. Our president states that he’s not really concerned or spending any time on thinking about where Osama Bin Laden may be. I’m not certain why there is no outrage and call for impeachment of the entire administration. The rationale for the Iraq war has changed from “Saddam Hussein has WMD” to “The world is better off without Saddam Hussein” to “Freedom is on the march” to “Democracy is coming to Iraq”. Where is the TRUTH? I frankly do not care anything about Brittney Spears. America is in desparate need of a reality check. Do we really aspire to become a nation of greatness or do we just cower in fear because we were attacked on 9/11? I’m not one that says 9/11 was an inside job, but I have actually READ the PNAC papers and see results based on their philosophies. Let’s really get involved and demand more than “GOTCHA” from our politicians. Our children’s future and the future of our country demands it.

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