He does not believe in Evolution! If there was ever a time we need science to solve our problems of energy resources and climate control it is 2009!

He was my last chance at returning to the GOP. The Intelligent Design of the old testament is now running the Republican Party. I see no reason to vote in February as there is no Republican for me.

For years I have been a Secular Humanist and lost many friends over this. I never doubted my lack of faith and now I lack respect for the American Government.


  1. There is a word for disliking someone or a group of people just because of a belief or idea. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What is that word?
    Oh right,,, Intolerance.
    So let me get this right,, Someone stands for 50 things you like and agree on and then because you believe in evolution and the other does not you discount all the other points because of the one. Yep,, sounds rational to me.

  2. I don’t think Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich have ever had
    a snow ball’s chance in hell of being elected….nor were they ever my choice but thats beside the point.
    I read an article in today’s CHB titled “Future of America” It was an attempt to discuss the Declaration of Independence…one sentence at a time (skipping the first two) the third sentence reads..“a decent respect to the opinions of mankind”. My comment that respect for those differing with one another or pushing a particular party or candidate would be as hard to come by as a rare bird bordering on extinction, and usually ends up with one or both being called “Un-American” with added explatives. I don’t have to agree with anyone to learn from everyone(and God knows I don’t) while respecting those willing to put their opinions out there for me to learn from. Honesty is of utmost importance to me. I can decide for myself thru study and research to find if ones opinion has merit. Dishonesty and agendas have led me to not trust Bush/Cheney nor to ever respect their actions or opinions…they are exceptions! I sincerely respect your opinions here at CHB and thank you for your imput always..whether I agree with them or not, you have all unwittingly served to teach me and I am grateful.

  3. Even if the theory of evolution is proven to be factual, it still does not disprove the existence of God any more than it proves the existence of God. If there is a God, perhaps evolution is a mechanism that IT has designed.

    — Kent Shaw, militant agnostic. I don’t know and neither does anyone else.

  4. Sandra, Sandra, Sandra–

    What Ron Paul actually said was that he didn’t feel it was proper for presidential candidates to comment on issues of scientific theory. Then, in a one-second aside, he said he doesn’t buy evolutionary theory. So what? He just explained that this whole area is not the realm of the government. THAT is the only proper answer for a candidate to make.

    By the way, there are still unanswered problems with evolutionary theory. This is not to say that those problems constitute “proof of God’s existence”–but it is to say that no one has all the answers.

    As a libertarian agnostic (ecumenical branch), I say it is obvious that species change form over time, but as to what the mechanism of change is, I don’t think anyone has a satisfactory answer. Chance genetic mutation, in my opinion, is one of the least satisfactory theories. I will not expound on this at this point, but I will say that Paul’s brief comment does not change my opinion of him as the only Constitutionalist candidate one iota.

  5. Mary, I studied the agenda of Ross Perot to the point of meeting with him in Santa Barbara. I understood his charts and his economics. I really knew him.

    I’ve known Ron Paul personally since 1999 and have read his books and essays. I shared a meal with him in Atlanta Georgia and flew there from the Colorado River for the chance of understanding his agenda and his economics. I have read the books on the Austrian School of economics and can see its superior agenda to keep America solvent and strong.

    To label us as Pied Piper followers only relfects back at your lack of knowledge of what they understood so clearly. Neither man wants NAFTA GATT or CAFTA as it destroys our sovereignty. Both men want our deficit caused by our unbalanced trade agreements to stop before we add another trillion to the deficit. This is not the debt and is far more harmful to American commerce.

    The reality is the apathy of people who can only affix labels on others instead of reading something on the problems.

  6. Sandra, about half of your last post is about Reagan and the effects of his transformance on you; the rest is mostly about religion, using evolution as the kick-off.

    As for the benefits of science on medical problems, it is clear that Paul has that aspect covered much better than you. Note that there is nothing in the evolution/creation debate that affects the way genetics needs to be studied and/or applied to effect medical solutions.

    I’m not sure how evolution figures into violence as a cultural phenomemon, unless we are still slave to the neanderthal in us. It would seem that TV, movies, and the liberalization of our cultural mores could be more to blame… which, as a logical response, might argue for more religious indoctrination as a better cureall. Certainly, children steeped in traditional American (judeo-christian) values are taught from a young age not to exert violence against their fellow man, and I would be interested for you to provide evidence to the effects that Columbine, Va Tech, and other glaring examples of violence against parents, schools, other children, etc, resulted from “forcing religion on a small child [which] removes their (sic) critical thinking process.

    One might also suggest that both praying and applying science to planetary warming would be a good strategy, unless you can say for dead certain that praying is a vacuous exercise without merit. Otherwise, to shun it out of hand, without supporting evidence, is removing YOUR critical thinking from the process.

    As for Bush, I’d suggest his behavior is more likely driven by his interest in getting rich and powerful than it is a lack of interest in evolution. The same goes for Cheney and their buddies.

    But back to the matter of Ron Paul as a candidate… and all the others too. Who among them would end the war, stop the bankruptcy of our country, reign in the police state,restore civil liberties, end excessive taxation, and rule by virtue of the Constitution? That is, whom among all those other idiots would you choose instead?

    Quoting Nemo above, “His ideas are so radical calling for an almost total disassembly of the the status quo that it’s too good to be true.” And while I wouldn’t go that far, because of the Congress, Courts, and the rest of the government he’d have to deal with, I’m certainly going to apply all those things Paul has advocated for our country as the basis for my vote and political support, and not worry about something as personal, and as miniscule, as whether or not he believes in evolution.

    And, yes, I believe evolution has explanatory merit and, yet, I’m still willing to entertain data to the contrary. Cheers.

  7. Welcome back to reality. It is unfortunate that Americans follow these Pied Piper candidates like Perot and Paul without really knowing them. Although, I am surprised that Paul does not accept evolution. I gave him more credit.

  8. Well I see that this has turned into personal insults to my political opinions. Sounds like a conservative forum I just walked out on.

    I want a limited government, individual rights and personal responsibilities! This is the desire of fiscal conservatives. When Reagan ran this was his agenda. I know this as my association with the Reagan campaign began in 1965.

    When he won, I took deep breath and developed my own personal dream of owning a bookstore. Many books were printed that year and the trends all pointed to individual small businesses and a change in how we Americans regarded our own health issues. There was also a growth in culture (music and theater)and my bookstore reflected these trends.

    I saw Reagan dissolve and accept a new platform of social issues. This was a shock to me as I was in his Sacramento office when he was the first Governor to sign on to Roe vs Wade. I voted for his agenda and saw him fold up and change it. I saw members of his own family try to get him back to the individual freedoms that he ran on. He was an obsessed man and fell into the Social Conservative movement. Many of us were not surprised at his approaching Alzheimers.

    My point in using his name is that he was the last fiscal conservative to sit in the White House. I also remember Ron Paul in those years and saw him leave the GOP when Reagan gave up his agenda.

    Why is evolution important to America? It is the future of repairing our medical problems and using every source of scientific research to find out why our American culture has turned into a violent culture. My own opinion is that forcing religion on a small child removes their critical thinking process. Instead of working themselves out of trouble they simply pray and hand their problems to the sky daddy.

    This has been deadly to many of our young children and they are turning to violence against their parents, schools and each other.

    We are facing a possible warming on earth and I do not want the leader of my nation praying instead of locating the source of the warming. Science is the answer, not the bible. When evolution was beginning to surface in our schools the Christians went crazy. The students began to take responsibility for their own development and the development of the next generation. They stopped praying and started learning. The Christians responded by opening their own schools where evolution was never mentioned.

    We have seen the results of this lack of interest in evolution in our own white house in the last 7 years. To replace Bush 43 with another man who does not believe in evolution would be a disaster and a continuation of forcing religion in foreign nations and America.

    I don’t give a damn if you agree with me but stand up and tell me why I’m wrong. Or can you?

  9. Hi Sandra Price…

    Well I’m glad you and others are finally coming around concerning Ron Paul…!

    The following is a repost of mine, a reply to the CHB posted editorial that “Ron Paul raises 20 million”!

    We’ve all listened to Ron Paul’s cure for the ills of the Republic…no?! Everything he recommends is totally anathema to the existing status quo in DC and the current ways of our welfare/warfare state.

    Sometimes a simple question will cast a glaring spotlight on a flaw. The question is: why is Dr. Paul a Republican, and why hasn’t he resigned from the party long before now rather than running as a Republican? He’s not getting any special treatment by doing so. The mere fact he’s associated with the Republican party in any way, shape or form makes him suspect at least to me. If you truly have principals as he postures, then you don’t associate with criminals and traitors to the Republic…period!

    Something doesn’t wash out with this guy. His ideas are so radical calling for an almost total disassembly of the the status quo that it’s too good to be true. Generally speaking, if it’s too good to be true then it probably isn’t so…no?!

    Other than issues he can solve simply by fiat as Commander in Chief; with the remaining issues nothing but theoretical politics on his part; ie., he’s no different than a “carnie” trying to draw suckers to his booth. Step right up ladies and gentlemen…step right up…!

    He sounds good, but then again, maybe he’s as nutty (eccentric) as the proverbial sh*thouse rat…! 😐


    Carl Nemo **==

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