Mitt Romney (REUTERS/John Adkisson)

Mitt Romney is solidifying his support among Republican voters and is pulling ahead of challenger Herman Cain, according to a new poll.

The survey of 461 registered voters by Reuters/Ipsos gives Romney an eight-point lead over Cain while former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has taken over third place from rapidly-falling Texas governor Rick Perry.

Cain, dogged by accusations of sexual harassment, is losing support among Republicans and half of those surveyed said they expect Romney to be the nominee even if they don’t support him.

“As other candidates falter, Romney’s image comes into relief,” says Ipsos pollster Cliff Young.

Perry, battered by poor debate performances, came in a distant fourth and may have sealed his fate last week when he faltered on stage and couldn’t remember basic parts of his stump speech when he couldn’t remember one of three cabinet level federal agencies he promised to eliminate.

His 55 seconds of brain fade could well be the defining moment of a campaign that started with so much promise and failed quickly.

Romney is seen as “more presidential” than any of his rivals by those surveyed and comes out ahead of Cain, Perry and Gingrich when it comes to “personal qualities.”

“Going into the primaries, he’s in a strong position and his image is solidifying around a very important attribute, which is being presidential, or being seen as presidential,” pollster Young said in the Reuters/Ipso release.


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  1. I thought I heard Mitt singing “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!”

    That’s always popular with the hawks.

    He should also volunteer himself to find out if water-boarding isn’t torture like he claims. I’d be happy to set up a discovery session for all the candidates that claim it isn’t torture, or anyone for that matter. If it isn’t torture, it should be easy to prove.

  2. “Romney is seen as “more presidential” than any of his rivals by those surveyed and comes out ahead of Cain, Perry and Gingrich when it comes to “personal qualities.”
    -from Article

    Who did they survey?
    Wall St. types?
    Members of AIPAC?

    SO, Ron Paul not even on the radar? This shows the MSM is owned by the elite who have zero desire to let the peons have any say in the direction of their lives.

    We should be told what to think, what to buy, who to love, what is acceptable and (in this case) what is not acceptable.

    Sadly, this seems to be acceptable as far as the peons are concerned.

    I guess one needs an IQ above 40 in order to be insulted.

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