Paul Simon is dead but I want to talk about him. Not the musical Paul Simon but the political Paul Simon. He had real values. He did valuable things while a politico, did not enrich himself at Government expense, did not cheat or steal from the taxpayers. He talked honestly and openly about government. He had “good values”

How was he different from many of today’s politicians?
He thought that his public office involved him in responsibilty to the people who elected him. How strange today when pork seems to be the goal of politicians.

Paul Simon was not a wheeler dealer, a nasty term used in my childhood to describe crooked politicians He wrote some books and some have written books about him.

Oh, he wore a bow tie. Values and all that eh?
Crooks today talk about good values say all the right things and then go out and be crooked. Paul Simon never did that. He DID his good values.

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